100+ Kids Welcome Us

Sharing the Gospel in the DR at a School

On a typical RIM trip in Central America or the Caribbean, we spend the first two weeks with our summer teams presenting the drama at school assemblies, 3-5 schools per day.

Children's Ministry in the DR

This blast of evangelism sows a lot of seeds for our contacts to follow up with after we’re gone. It helps bring visibility to their ministries and increase their reach into the community. 

Presenting the Gospel in the Dominican

With the DR, one challenge we anticipated is students being on summer vacation during the month of July (unlike other countries, they have a similar school calendar to the US).


So far, we’ve had an awesome time taking the Gospel more directly out into communities, and our host contacts have worked really hard to strategically place us for the greatest impact.

School Ministry in the DR

One of our main contact’s friends has a church and a school nearby to where our team is living this month, and he saw RIM’s drama when another team visited the area last March. When he found out about our team, he requested us to spend a whole day at his church–performing the drama and doing children’s ministry.



Initially, we felt skeptical that he could gather up many kids during their vacation time, but WOW did he surprise us. When we arrived yesterday, more than 100 children eagerly welcomed us and could not wait to spend the day with us!!


What a phenomenal day! We presented the drama and the Gospel, and children responded. We also broke into small groups with them to really get to know them, share our testimonies, hear about their lives, and minister to them.


In addition, we had a blast playing games, singing songs and building relationships in all kinds of creative way. God is so good, and we loved seeing Him at work in this community!

Dominican Republic Children's Ministry