Board of Directors


BossFam_4Scott Boss
Founder & President of Real Impact Missions, Scott has spent 30 years training and developing 16,000+ missionaries and leaders while traveling to 50+ countries. He served as VP of International Operations for Teen Mania and as Director of Short-Term at Adventures in Missions and holds a Master’s in Higher Education Administration. Scott, his wife Cara and their daughters Jessica, Andrea and Kirsten reside in Gainesville, GA.

Tim Abare_1Tim Abare
A C-suite leader in early stage companies and growth stage companies with an emphasis in new business development, revenue generation, lead generation, channel partners, and partnerships. A leader’s leader who develops and mentors people that become high performance, outcomes-driven leaders. He and Ann, his wife of 40 years, live in Bellevue, WA.

KenYoung6Ken Young
Providing financial and organizational management and consulting services for over 30 years to businesses and organizations, both domestic & international and for-profit & not-for-profit, in a variety of business sectors, including technology, energy, finance, insurance, service, retail, ministry, education and hospitality. Ken currently resides in Richmond, VA and desires to see businesses and ministries merge together for the cause of Christ.

Keith Wheeler_1Keith Wheeler
Having walked over 21,000 miles in 165 countries on all 7 continents while carrying a 12-foot wooden cross, Keith spends his life sharing the simple message of God’s love. He regularly speaks to champion the cause of missions around the world. When he’s not traveling, Keith makes his home in Tulsa, OK. For Keith’s story, click here.

Tom Newman_3Tom Newman

Founder & President of Impact Productions. As a producer, Tom’s work includes the feature film “End of the Spear”, the children’s series “Pahappahooey Island”, the holiday film “Christmas Child”, and the acclaimed stage production “The Masterpiece: A Toymaker’s Dream.” Tom and his wife Susan also live in Tulsa, OK.