We take safety seriously! Here are the calculated measures RIM takes to keep our participants safe:

  • US State Department - We collaborate to monitor safety in every trip location on a regular basis, daily while teams are deployed
  • Extensive Leadership Structure – Every country has 3 tiers of thoroughly screened, well-trained leaders who remain in ongoing leadership development and accountability relationships with RIM
  • Background Checks - All leaders are subject to routine checks, and our top level leaders, Project Directors, must undergo FBI screening
  • Never Alone - We ensure that a leader accompanies team members whenever any of them leave our lodging complex
  • Alternate Locations – We switch the project locale if the physical or political conditions make travel inadvisable, either before or during a trip
  • Behavioral Standards – All participants agree to follow the rules we set forth before the trip and during training. Any violation of RIM safety standards will result in early departure from the mission field