Why Choose RIM?


Thoughts from Our Alumni…

allison-powersI feel incredibly grateful that the Lord would use me as His mouthpiece for a message of such hope. – Alison, Guatemala ’15

kiersten-hochLeading lost, hurt, broken people to Christ not only changed their lives, it changed mine. – Kiersten, Thailand ’14

This trip allowed me to be God’s hands and mouth and arms to minister to this young man at a crucial time in his life and he accepted Jesus. Lori, Guatemala ’15

This summer was the best summer of my entire life. The fact that God chose me to use and work through to change the lives of other people… It was an honor to be used as nothing more than a humble servant doing what the Father has called me to do! Tonya, Venezuela ’00

Humbling, thrilling, emotional, and 100% worth it! – Leslie, El Salvador ’14

I went on a journey with Jesus, and He shared His heart with me. He showed me what causes His sorrow and what lights His face with joy. Jayna, India ’98

allison-powers-amanda-jonesThese trips open your eyes to see how big God is and how He can use us. – Amanda, Thailand ’13 & Guatemala ’15

RIM is a golden opportunity to minister the word of God to a world blinded by sin. RIM allows you to be involved and effective. They encourage you to participate. Just go RIM! - Brian, Jamaica ’99 & India ’00

I finally woke up after being asleep to the needs and lives of people in other countries, and then I was able to start waking them up to the love of Christ. - Anna, Venezuela ’99

Be prepared for God to use you in big ways! It’s an experience of a lifetime. You truly get immersed in the culture and see God’s unfathomable love at work in the hearts of people. Megan, Thailand ’14

NicaBoyKidIt’s like finding gold in your backyard when you were only looking for your dog. Josh, Bolivia ’98

It’s like entering into a door that opens to a ledge and you can choose to stand and watch what is happening all around you and be safe, or you can jump off and experience the most real,  in-your-face, exhilarating and growing fall of your life. RIM is jumping off the ledge. It’s scary and seems so huge, but it’s one of the greatest and most beneficial experiences you can have in life. Bethany, Venezuela ’98

Medical-sliderA life changing, challenging, but rewarding experience. Your perspective on life will be forever changed. Sam, Thailand ’14

Going with RIM will change your heart for the world and your life forever. It will challenge you in ways you never thought possible. You won’t see the world in the same way.  – Shenai, India ’98