Uganda Trivia – Two Truths & A Lie



A land of mystery and intrigue, Uganda boasts many fascinating features…
Can you guess which statements below are true? Each set of 3 statements contains 2 truths and 1 lie. Find the lies and you’ll be well prepared to start sharing the Gospel in Uganda this summer!!

Trees, Roofs & Senior Citizens

  1. Legally, if you cut one down a tree in Uganda, you need to plant three more!
  2. Only women work to build mud huts. Men just install the roofs.
  3. The extensive elderly population of Uganda creates over-crowding issues.

Phones, Grasshoppers & The State of Oregon

  1. Ugandans say, “I need to make a short call” when looking for a phone booth.
  2. Ugandans honor special guests by presenting a pan fried grasshoppers to eat.
  3. 34.5 million people live in Uganda, but only 3.8 million live in Oregon though both spaces are the same size!


Check Your Answers

#3 – The elderly… Actually, Uganda is the youngest country in the world. Nearly 50% of the population is under age 14!

#1 – The bathroom… Use this saying to find a restroom without embarrassing your host


Now That You Know… GO!!

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Peter’s Story: One Teen’s Perspective on Short Term Mission Trips


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Youngest Nation in the World!



of the 37 million citizens of Uganda are children less than 14 years old! HALF OF THEM!!

Even though decades have passed since the end of a 20 year inter-tribal war and a massive AIDS epidemic, Uganda still faces overwhelming challenges. 50% of their population are children, and 2 million of those kids are orphans. These statistics effectively make Uganda the youngest nation in the world, and that’s not all… Uganda has the 3rd fastest growing population in the world. 70% of girls are married by age 18, and the average woman gives birth to 5.89 children. However, 30% of adults are illiterate, 20% live in poverty, and 95% don’t live past age 52. As you can imagine, these numbers create some BIG needs.

This summer, YOU have an opportunity to respond to the problem, to make a difference in the world, to change lives forever… When you join our Uganda team, you’ll teach English in schools, share the Gospel with students, visit orphanages and bring the hope of Jesus. We’re looking for 15 brave individuals who will sign up to serve in Uganda July 1-29, 2016. 

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