Peter’s Story: One Teen’s Perspective on Short Term Mission Trips


Check out this awesome video!!

Peter, a high school student from Oklahoma, shot this footage while serving in Guatemala with RIM several times… You’ll soon see why he keeps going back!

Through his eyes, you’ll experience our 2-week Evangelism Trip, our 1-week Medical Trip and our 4-week Outreach trip. Even though this video takes place in Guatemala, it will help paint a picture of what it could be like for you to serve in any of our ministry locations this summer! When you’re finished watching, check out our upcoming trips:

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Fishing at the Tea Farm


Doi Wawee, Thailand – July 19th

Thailand Mission Trip, DoiWawee_TeaFarm

Tuesday morning we walked to the tea farm of Um’s family, about a thirty minute walk, every step of the way surrounded by the incredible beauty of the mountains. God is amazing!!!!

Thailand Mission Trip, DoiWawee_TeaFarm_FishingLunch Thailand Mission Trip, DoiWawee_TeaFarm_FishingLunch

We fished for lunch, and pulled weeds from around young tea trees. It was a fun community effort for the 13 of us. We enjoyed a great lunch in the covered area at the farm, and then we took a rest before going back to work.

Thailand Misison Trip, DoiWawee_TeaFarm

We worked hard, but the day included lots of laughing too! Overall, a fantastic day together. Tonight, we’ll finish with prayer and worship together.

Thailand Mission Trip, DoiWawee_TeaFarm

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support!

Cooking in Doi Wawee


Chiang Rai & Doi Wawee, Thailand – July 18th

Thailand Mission Trip, Doi Wawee, Tea Farm

On Monday, the team drove to Chiang Rai, about 2.5 hours away. We met with Rung, a Thai woman who runs a children’s home about an hour north that RIM teams have worked with the past two years. Also with Rung were of few of her friends. All of them work with the children in north Thailand. We had lunch and prayed together.

Later in the evening, the team picked up Um and Wan from Chiang Rai airport. These are the same two Thai girls that the team met in Bangkok when we first arrived in Thailand. Both of them are alumni of Home of Blessing in Chiang Kham, which we be the team’s final stop, our last week in Thailand.

Thailand Mission Trip, Doi Wawee, Tea Farm

Afterwards, the team headed up into the mountains to Doi Wawee, to the house of Um’s family (they’re of the Akha tribe). There are three girls in the family, all are alumni at Home of Blessing. The team will partner with the family in ministry and encourage the family.

Thailand Mission Trip, Doi Wawee, Tea Farm

Upon arriving, they welcomed us warmly, and we enjoyed a great home cooked meal together. The food up in the mountains in this Akha village is different than the Thai food we’ve eaten thus far… everything is so incredibly fresh, we only use chopsticks, and everyone shares from bowls together. Wonderful!

English Lessons at Seed of Hope


Phrao, Thailand – July 16th 


After breakfast (which is similar to the food eaten at dinner), the team got together with all the kids and started with a time of worship, then English Teaching Session One. This included dance, songs, memory games, and then breaking into small groups by age for English conversation lessons.



Next we had lunch and a tour, and we learned about the vision of Seed of Hope (SOH). They’re building a new house, and they want to have a farm with mango, papaya, pineapple, chickens, pigs and more!




The new house stands partially completed, and it will give a place for all the kids to stay. Currently they live with families (host homes) next to the Seed of Hope property.



After this, we held English Teaching Session Two, very similar to the morning session, followed by dinner, worship time, drama, testimony, prayer and Bible reading with the children. Finally, we ended the day with powerful team time, including testimonies about transformation by God’s Word, and God’s faithfulness.

Suwit’s Village


On the Way to Phrao, Thailand – July 15th 

Friday morning we had a final prayer-walk through the red-light district, then visited our friend Emmi at Zion Café before we left Chiang Mai.

Thailand Mission Trip Red Light District

On the way to Phrao, where the team would spend time at a children’s home (boys and girls, elementary to high school, 30 total kids), the team stopped at Suwit’s village. Suwit is not only driving the team for a large portion of the time in Thailand, but he’s really another team member.


Suwit has worked with RIM teams in Thailand a couple other times in the past. The village is beautiful. We met his wife and baby daughter, visited the church in the village (6 out of 110 families in the village are currently Christian). We joined together in prayer for the village.


Then the team visited a nearby park with natural hot springs. It was breathtaking, and a bit slippery in the water, and Clara even fell in!


About an hour later we arrived to Phrao and met Lawpa, his wife, and the kids. That night (Friday), the team had dinner together with everyone at the children’s home, sang worship songs in Thai and English, and did some stomp dance steps and Jesus cheers. It seemed like everyone had a blast together.