GET OUT! Short Term Mission Trips


Miami, Florida – July 2nd, 2015

When our summer teams met in Miami, we first worshipped together and heard a word from RIM’s founder, Scott Boss. To our surprise, Scott walked to the front of the room with an opaque-colored garbage bag over his head and covering most of his body! His challenge? GET OUT!


Not “get out of the US and go on a mission trip,” which is what we expected to hear… But, GET OUT of the limitations you put on yourself, your abilities, your expectations, and enter into what God has for you this summer. To Scott, many of us walk around with cloudy vision and inside a set of boundaries we have placed on ourselves. When we GET OUT, we can see clearly. We can see what God is doing. We can gain His perspective, His heart, and we can participate fully in all that He has planned. We operate in what He can do, not what we can do.

This is our prayer for the teams that serve this summer, that they’ll step out fully to accomplish what the Lord wants in Guatemala and Thailand!

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