Hurricane Harvey Relief


Since Hurricane Harvey made landfall, more than 30,000 people have fled to Houston shelters and even more have been displaced from their homes, seeking shelter elsewhere. As the floodwaters finally start to recede, Real Impact Missions is sending teams to partner with local churches in relief efforts. 

If you can’t go, your help is still needed! Be in prayer for the residents of Houston and all of the emergency and relief workers who have been tirelessly helping those affected. Pray for our teams as they go down to be the hands and feet of Christ in the coming days and weeks. For the relief Project, funds are also very much needed.

Click on the picture to donate toward the Hurricane Harvey Relief Project!


Whether it’s $5 or $500, your gift makes a difference for the families devastated by Harvey.

Your donation will go towards things like

  • tarps for roofs
  • items for distribution centers
  • supplies and tools for tearing out drywall
  • cleaning supplies
  • more needs as they arise

We also will need funds for some big ticket items both now and for continuing efforts as we help folks rebuild homes

  • $1000 provides a van to transport volunteers for 1 week
  • $3000 allows us to purchase and rent larger tools for construction
  • Check back with RIM at 1.800.774.6746 for more needs as they arise

Uganda Trivia – Two Truths & A Lie



A land of mystery and intrigue, Uganda boasts many fascinating features…
Can you guess which statements below are true? Each set of 3 statements contains 2 truths and 1 lie. Find the lies and you’ll be well prepared to start sharing the Gospel in Uganda this summer!!

Trees, Roofs & Senior Citizens

  1. Legally, if you cut one down a tree in Uganda, you need to plant three more!
  2. Only women work to build mud huts. Men just install the roofs.
  3. The extensive elderly population of Uganda creates over-crowding issues.

Phones, Grasshoppers & The State of Oregon

  1. Ugandans say, “I need to make a short call” when looking for a phone booth.
  2. Ugandans honor special guests by presenting a pan fried grasshoppers to eat.
  3. 34.5 million people live in Uganda, but only 3.8 million live in Oregon though both spaces are the same size!


Check Your Answers

#3 – The elderly… Actually, Uganda is the youngest country in the world. Nearly 50% of the population is under age 14!

#1 – The bathroom… Use this saying to find a restroom without embarrassing your host


Now That You Know… GO!!

Uganda needs you – your passion, your faith, your talent! Real Impact Missions is offering a 4-week short-term missions opportunity this summer for high school and college students. You’ll work with orphans, share your faith in public schools, and encourage brand new church plants. Learn more about Uganda mission trips…

Request Our FREE Brochure and learn how you can make a difference in the lives of orphans this summer!