Date Night in Chiangdao


For the last few days, we’ve continued to serve at Fountain of Hope Orphanage in Chiangdao, Thailand. We’ve totally rocked a couple days working the farm (which feeds the kids), and we’ve really enjoyed building relationships with all of the children.



We are most impressed by Sri and Aaron, the married couple who run the orphanage, and their devotion to the children. In the 4 1/2 years they’ve served, one of them always has to be home for the kids… which means they never have any date nights. As a way to honor them and bless them for the investment they’ve made in these kids, we really wanted to give them an opportunity to have time alone together, away from the orphanage.


At first, they hesitated. Could our team handle all the kids on their own? But we convinced them, and they headed out. They had a beautiful evening to go to dinner and hangout without the kids.


Meanwhile, I’m please to report that our team successfully entertained the children… no fires or injuries, just a fun time for all. Praise God!