Mission Trip Destinations

thailandWe want to shatter the way you think about the world. We want to alter the way you see people, and the way people see God. We want to see hearts healed, minds changed, and bodies mended on a global scale. It’s that simple.  Whether you’re looking to join a team yourself or take a group, THINK SMALL and BIG things will happen!

When you think small…

  • You notice individual people and their needs
  • You hear and obey the still, small voice of God
  • You realize the world is smaller than you think
  • You learn more about who you were created to be

stock-photo-8121782-earth-between-fingersBIG things will happen!!

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him! – 1 Corinthians 2:9, NKJV

Trip Guide for 2015
India IJuly 2-30 (1 Month)$3,795
India IIJuly 2-16 (2 Weeks)$3,925
Guatemala IJuly 2-30 (1 Month)$2,195
Guatemala IIJuly 2-16 (2 Weeks)$1,795
Guatemala MedicalJuly 18-26 (1 Week)
ThailandJuly 2-30 (1 Month)$3,795
New York CityJune 12-19 (1 Week)$795

Guatemala Medical Mission Trip

 Mending bodies while Jesus heals hearts... Living in abject poverty without access to basic medical care, the need is vast. Tangibly care for the people of Guatemala through the work ...
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Guatemala Mission Trip

 A land of breath-taking mountains, volcanoes and lakes... Guatemala's natural beauty will certainly capture your attention. But beyond the tourist attractions and intriguing Indian dress of the Mayans, heart-breaking poverty and ...
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India Mission Trip

Carved temples, marble palaces, man-eating tigers and holy cows... Millions of people living in poverty and fear. Traditions like animal sacrifice and ancestor worship perpetuate spiritual darkness. The caste systems ...
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New York City Mission Trip

Check our adventurous urban submersion trip... 100 years ago, the torch-wielding Lady Liberty welcomed the 'tired, poor and huddled masses' as they immigrated from all around the globe. Today, with ...
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Thailand Mission Trip

Exotic elephants, tropical rain forests, floating markets and more... Beneath its stunning natural splendor, an ominous darkness shrouds the Kingdom of Thailand. Countless young girls sold into prostitution and nearly ...
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