Great Need at Our First Dominican Medical Clinics


Our one month team and our medical team joined forces today for the first of five mobile medical clinics in Santo Domingo. At a typical clinic, RIM serves almost 200 patients per day, but today, THREE HUNDRED patients were waiting for our team.


RIM Project Director, Cara Boss, writes, “We are seeing LOTS of malnutrition, very high blood pressures and diabetes. The area we are in, Boca Chica, has so much poverty – they can’t afford their blood pressure medicine. Lots of incredible need here!!!”


Pray for stamina as our team works with large crowds and huge needs over the next four days. Pray also that all the need would open hearts to the Gospel. Our team shares Christ and prays with every patient, but prayer is needed for the Lord to prepare receptive hearts! So many times we’ve see God use a tangible medical need to not only lead the patient to Christ but also their entire family. Pray that we would see this happen over and over again in the Dominican!