Entire Classroom Meets Jesus!


Everyone woke up excited to start the day! After our amazing day yesterday, we were expecting God to move mightily and we were not disappointed. We went to four schools and presented the Gospel to hundreds of students.

RIM_Guatemala_2016 RIM_Guatemala_2016

Today, we presented a funny skit, the drama, and two testimonies at each school. Then the students were allowed to go into classrooms and tell their testimonies and invite students to come to Christ. Many students accepted Jesus and many beautiful stories were being told at team time.

RIM_Guatemala_2016 RIM_Guatemala_2016

One team shared that when they were allowed to go into a classroom, one of the team said she knew God was doing something and she began praying. She prayed while another shared her testimony and then a young man in the team asked if anyone wanted to receive Christ.

Nearly the whole class raised their hand!
28 people came to know Jesus!!


This is but one of many, many stories. God is doing GREAT things here in Guatemala and we are humbled and honored to be a part of it!


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