Epic 3-Day Hill Tribes Outreach

Mission Trip to Doi Wawee, Thailand


I (Dan, RIM Project Director) forgot to mention that we had a great visit to a Bible college in Mae Sai a few days ago.  We exchanged dances, testimonies and did our drama.  It was a great time of encouragement and fun in the body of Christ.


Today we finished an incredible weekend at Doi Wawee, a beautiful mountain area inhabited mostly by different “hill tribes”.


Five girls from Home of Blessing joined us for the weekend.  These girls are from Doi Wawee, and have family living there.  We were very lovingly hosted by the family of Um (oom).


Building relationship with Um’s family was a highlight for the team throughout the weekend.


Over the past couple days, we visited Doi Chaang, which has lots of coffee tree farms.  We sampled great coffee, hiked through beautiful mountains, and prayer walked through interesting pagan worship areas.


We also visited a children’s home run by a married couple.  The man is Canadian and the woman is Thai.  It was good talking with them, encouraging them and praying for them, in addition to lots of fun with the kids.


Yesterday afternoon we visited a tea farm of Um’s family.  We learned about tea farming and even picked some tea leaves.


Last night we walked around the village, greeting people and praying for people!


This morning we attended a worship service up in a mountain village.  We did our drama, sang, prayed, and had a great time fellowshipping with the community of believers there.


Afterwards we visited the family of one of the other girls, first going to their home, then to their chicken farm, praying for family and farm.


Throughout the weekend, we had good team time at the home of Um’s family, including the girls from Home of Blessing.  We enjoyed lots of worship time together, devotional time, discussions and prayer.


Even though the time at Doi Wawee was relatively short, it was a rich time of relationship building, and some of the most stunning mountain beauty.


Now we’re heading back up to Mae Sai, where we were last week.


Tonight, we’ll have a grand finale time with the kids at Home of Grace, including a big worship dance party!


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