Even Police Can’t Stop the Gospel

Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Yesterday we visited a high school where workers of Campus Crusade fed us an awesome lunch. The school seemed very open to the gospel, especially during our second performance when the afternoon students came.

2015-07-07 23.08.22

This morning, we went to a very large school in Chimaltenango, much nicer than the others schools we have seen. They welcomed us with a marching band and had cameras video taping us. Many accepted Jesus.

2015-07-07 23.09.00

Initially, we arrived late because the police stopped us on the way there. They almost didn’t let us pass because our bus driver forgot his papers for carrying tourists. But, praise God, we were able to move on to the high school!

2015-07-07 23.10.07

After ministry, we had the amazing opportunity to visit Mayan ruins!!

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