Frequently Asked Questions

       FINANCAL INFO      

1. What does the trip price include?

  • Ministry training in Miami, FL
  • International Airfare
    (Miami to your country)
  • Ground transportation
  • Lodging
  • 3 Meals a day
    (Starting with dinner the first day)
  • Adventure day excursions
  • Ministry costs

2. What do I have to pay for myself?
What doesn’t the trip price include?

  • Round-trip travel from your hometown
    to Miami, FL (where all trips begin)
  • Souvenirs
  • Medicines or medical expenses
  • International travel insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Passport/visa expenses

Trip costs based on Fall 2014 airfare prices and are subject to change. Due to massive changes in the airline industry, it may be necessary to add an additional airline surcharge to the cost of the trip. RIM will avoid this if at all possible.

3. How do I make a payment?
How do my donors send a gift?

  • Online at www.realimpact.com
  • By check, payable to Real Impact Missions:
    Real Impact Missions
    PO Box 1532
    Gainesville, GA 30503
    *Do not write participant’s name on check if you want your gift to be tax-deductible.
    **Do include participant’s name, group (if applicable), and country in which they will serve.

4. Are donations tax deductible?  

  • YES donations are tax deductible!
  • RIM is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization
  • All financial activity is filed annually on Form 990 Corporate Federal Return
  • Checks should be payable to Real Impact Missions
  • Missionary/participant names should not show up anywhere on the check

5. How do I track my finances?
Once  you are accepted, RIM will send you login information where you will be able to track all of your donations online.

  • View each donation with donor name, amount, and address
  • Create your own profile page with a link for friends and family to read all about you and your trip!

6. What happens if I raise extra money, above the cost of my trip?

  • Money can remain in your account for use on a future RIM trip
  • You can donate it toward another team member in need
  • You can donate it toward the cost of medicines for RIM’s medical trip

7. What happens if I raise the money and I can’t go on the trip?

  • Expenses already incurred are deducted (i.e. airline tickets already purchased)
  • The balance remains in your account for use on a RIM trip the following year

8. What is RIM’s refund policy?
Because Real Impact Missions is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, IRS tax regulations do not allow RIM to issue refunds. Please see questions 6 and 7 for additional information.


1. When and where is training?

  • All international trips except the medical team train in Miami, FL
  • Miami Training takes place at the beginning of your trip, July 2-3
  • MA Leadership Candidates have additional training June 30-July 1

2. Do I have to go?

  • All team members are required to be at Miami Training July 2-3
  • Leadership Candidate Camp is by invitation only June 30-July 1

3. What will I do at training?
Through a variety of teachers, trainers and hands-on activities, you will learn:

  • Evangelism strategies
  • Drama tools (if applicable)
  • Ministry process
  • Spiritual survival on the mission field

You’ll also experience:

  • Praise and worship
  • Teaching on missions and personal growth and developoment
  • Team building challenges

It’ll be an incredibly awesome, life-changing 2 days!

4. Do I have to get my own hotel for training or a shuttle to the hotel?

  • No, RIM leaders meet you at the airport
  • RIM provides hotel, shuttle, meals and training


1. Who will be in charge of my child?
We want you to feel confident about the safety and security of your teen while he/she is on foreign soil.  We understand your concerns and hope this information will help to ease them.

We invest a lot into our leaders to assure the best possible experience for your student in ministry, discipline, accountability, and safety. Your student will never be alone.

  • RIM uses a 3-tiered leadership structure (read more here)
  • All leaders are selected through pre-screening and in-person meetings
  • All leaders and leadership candidates attend training before trips begin
  • Leaders are trained in the areas of ministry, leadership, and discipline and receive on going support during trips
  • Our highest-level leaders, Project Directors, pass FBI background checks and are very, experienced veteran leaders who have worked with RIM for years and are hand-selected
  • Project Directors are responsible for all the teams in a country
  • Team Leaders (age 21+) work in co-ed pairs and head up teams of 25-30 young people to handle daily schedule, discipline and spiritual environment for the team
  • Mission Advisors (age 18+) are accountable for 3-8 team members and focus on establishing relationships with and watching out for your teen

2. Will my child ever be alone or out with just another student?
No, your student will never be alone. He/she will always be with a leader (either Team Leader or Mission Advisor) outside of the hotel complex.

3. How do I get a hold of my student or the RIM offices after hours in case of an emergency?
You can always call the RIM offices at 1-800-774-6746 during normal business hours. In addition, a 24-hour  emergency number will be sent to you in the final packet with their t-shirt (approximately 2 weeks before the trip).