Group Mission Trips

Check out RIM’s group mission trips… We know that churches, youth groups, schools, sports teams and families have entire groups ready and willing to go, and we make it happen. RIM handles all the details so that you and your team can focus on ministry. Whether you are new to the field or experienced veterans, we specialize in maximizing missions experiences so that every participant actively engages in ministry that matters.

We’re not like everybody else…

We don’t take 100 youth to a location for 7 days, facilitate cookie-cutter ministry that’s mostly service projects and VBS, feed you gross food while you sleep on the floor, exasperate ministry partners by asking them to invent purposeful ministry, send you home and then do the same thing all over again with a different group the next week, and the week after that, and the week after that, all summer long. That’s not okay!

We’re also not fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants and hope it works out kind of people. We don’t show up in a country without a plan. We don’t partner with ministries that haven’t been vetted, and we don’t hire college kids to staff our summer locations. Those articles you’ve read about why short-term missions is a bad idea… We want to change your mind!

RIM’s Distinctive: Ministry That Matters

Here at RIM, our heart and passion is to proclaim the life-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to the hurting and broken around the world. We only partner with experienced missionaries and churches who are already actively engaged in ministry in the communities we serve. We come alongside them in ways that help expand their reach. We work to take their ministry to the next level, to help them do something they couldn’t do without us.

At the same time, we plan our ministry schedule so that every single participant has daily opportunities to personally share their faith. They won’t watch the youth pastor or chaperone do it. They’ll try it themselves. They’ll share a testimony, invite someone to receive Christ, pray for healing, meet a need. No one goes home without a story about how God used them personally to expand His Kingdom!

How to Take Your Group Mission Trip

Choose one of RIM’s standard short term mission trips from the list below. If you can’t find one that works with your schedule or matches your desired location or ministry style, let us create a custom mission trip for your group!

New York City8 Days6/7 to 6/14$695
Guatemala2 Weeks7/1 to 7/15$1,895
Guatemala4 Weeks7/1 to 7/29$2,495
Botswana, Africa4 Weeks7/1 to 7/29$3,795
Thailand4 Weeks7/1 to 7/29$3,495
Medical (Guatemala)8 Days7/20 to 7/28$2,095
Asia2 Weeks$2,795+
Africa2 Weeks$3,295+
Central America8 Days$1,595+
Caribbean8 Days$1,595+
Atlanta8 Days$395
Chicago8 Days$395
Hurricane Relief8 Days$495
Seattle8 Days$495
New York City8 Days$695

Group Trip Inquiry

Application process, trip details, passports, housing, transportation, booking flights, tracking fundraising, ministry training, organizing outreach, leading the trip and more… We do it all so you can focus on your group and ministry!

Looking for a Custom Mission Trip for your group?

Need to take 30 people on an excursion to the Congo? Fifty-eight people to Cambridge? 142 to Caracas? Let RIM help you make it happen! Click here to find out more about Custom Trips, contact us at 800-77-GO-RIM or just use the Group Trip Inquiry form on this page.