How God Strengthens Us (By Chloe)

Girl in Van in Uganda
What a life we live my friends!!!! I have loved my time in Uganda. The Lord is revealing Himself and WOW! He has a funny sense of humor! On Tuesday night, I woke up not feeling well, and the best leader and second Mom EVER, Sarah, stepped in and sat with me the whole time (praise Jesus for Sarah!!!!). Even though I didn’t feel well, we talked and laughed… mainly at this little life we live!
When the morning sun peeked through the windows, I still felt pretty rough so we decided to head to the doctor. This required us to venture into Kampala, the big city nearby. The adventure began, and we soon learned that the hospitals here are nothing like the hospitals at home.
Sarah said it best – “Clinics in Uganda are like petting zoos.”  You go in one door, come out, and then go in another door, hear some rules, sign some papers, and then you sit in what feels like a play pen and wait! Once we saw the doctor, we learned that I had an easily treatable bacterial infection. Praise the Lord for medicine! Our doctor must have thought Sarah and I were insane cause we hugged him after I started feeling better.
All in all, even though being sick away from home is challenging, Sarah and I had a wonderful day in Kampala. As we waited, Sarah pointed me to Philippians 4, which talks about suffering and how we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!!!! I’m so thankful that Sarah had the knowledge to guide my thoughts, and also for her keeping a hand on my back while I was sick and making me laugh while the doctors ran tests. I really learned a lot through this experience.
I’m so thankful for God curing me and also for bringing me to this wonderful country to serve!