Independence Day in Guatemala!

anibalOur dear friends and long-time ministry partners, Anibal and Sonia, recently shared this update with us about their work in Ciudad Quetzal. Our teams partnered with them in this area during 2016 and will continue to focus on this specific region in 2017. So far, we have been able to complete several community development projects for local schools, to share evangelistic presentations in schools and to offer medical clinics to students and their families.

We’ll be returning in 2017 for more evangelism, construction and medicine. Please pray for this area – that God would raise up the younger generation to be sincere followers of Himself, committed to relationship with Jesus, not mere religion and ritual.

Here’s their update:

Dear Friends,

In Guatemala we recently celebrated the Independence Day. In Ciudad Quetzal, while we participated in the parade, I took pictures of the teachers who are transforming the lives of their students by teaching eternal principles and values based on the Bible. Ciudad Quetzal teachers are teaching the Bible to their students. We are certain that we will soon see the results that the Word of God produces in each person.

I invite you to watch and share this video with your friends, and remember that “God’s Word does not return void”.

Pray that the first to be impacted by the Bible will be the teachers, remember, that the teachers are nonbelievers and they are reading and teaching the Explorers of the Bible material with the children. It sounds crazy, but if anyone wants to see it in person I invite you to visit the schools in Ciudad Quetzal.

Thank you for supporting our ministry.

Anibal and Sonia Duarte
City Transformation
Cru Guatemala