Individual Trips

When you LET GO and trust God, the world begins to change…

2017_web_guyskidsBorders dissolve. Distances shrink. You begin to see people as God sees them, and you learn what Jesus meant when He said to love others. He said,


  • The high school student in Guatemala who feels forgotten
  • The Nicaraguan father with no access to medical care
  • The Thai girl at risk for sex trafficking or forced labor
  • The pastor planting a brand new church in Uganda
  • The middle school boy in New York afraid of gang violence

Lots of folks have a plan to change the world, but here at RIM we believe it starts with YOU!!

Be prepared for God to use you in big ways. These trips are the experience of a lifetime…

Panama Translators - HugYou truly get immersed in the culture and see God’s unfathomable love at work in the hearts of people.

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2017 Trips
Dominican Republic IJuly 1-291 Month$2,395April 15
Dominican Republic IIJuly 1-152 Weeks$1,795April 15
Medical (Dominican Republic)July 15-23
8 Days$1,895
May 1
ThailandJuly 1-291 Month$3,495April 15
UgandaJuly 1-291 Month$3,895April 15