Lawpa’s Mountain Village

Near Phrao, Thailand – July 17th 

We visited a church in the village this Sunday morning. The team had a chance to encourage the Christians (who are the minority of the village) with a drama, singing, prayer, testimony and preaching. After lunch, we drove about an hour high into the nearby mountains to visit Lawpa’s village. Lawpa serves as the head of Seed of Hope, the orphanage. Several of the children from SOH accompanied us.

While there, we joined a worship service, and got to sing, perform our drama, teach Bible and share testimonies.
The picture of the three in front of the house includes Lawpa, his wife and son. This is their house in the mountain village that they lived in for 10 years.  Now they live about 100km away where Seed of Hope is located. This house stands empty now, but wee got to go inside and imagine what it was like to live here, so far away from civilization.