Learning to Speak Thai

Mission Trip to Phitsanulok, Thailand

Our third and final day in Phitsanulok today, and it was awesome.  We gathered with a great local community of believers here over the past couple of days. Their faith, passion, and daily walk in Christ have been inspiring examples for us.


We gathered at a house church this morning for worship, prayer, fellowship and food.  Then we practiced some basic Thai language to be able to communicate “God loves you,” “Jesus loves you” and “God bless you.”


Then we headed to a big market area in the early afternoon (not too busy at this time of day) and had so much fun telling business owners and workers that God loves them, and sometimes they were excited to take pictures with the group, and a couple times asked us to sing a song.


Apparently, multiple people commented on how fun our team was and how much joy we appeared to have.  Glory to God, we were having a blast!


We prayed with one woman as she accepted Christ as her Savior.  She had tears in her eyes.  Later the local people we were with said they were a bit surprised that this woman opened her heart to God, because they’ve shared God’s love with her multiple times before, and it seemed like she always had a hard heart. Today seemed to be the day, praise God!


After leaving the market, we returned to the house church meeting place and talked and prayed about the experience in the market.


Later in the afternoon we had a special time of fellowship together at a coffee shop with a 17 yr old guy and 21 yr old girl who have been a part of the local community of believers we were with.  Hanging out with the team seemed to be really positive for them, as each shared later at night during our worship gathering, which was the finale time with this beautiful group of believers.


Tomorrow (Thursday) morning, we head to Chiang Mai by bus.  It’ll be about a 5 hour ride, so we’ll have good quiet time to spend with God and also rest. We’ll be in Chiang Mai until Wednesday morning. Chiang Mai will be a great time for the team.


Please pray for the team to be strong, completely dependent upon God, and bold & wise in the midst of spiritual battle.

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