Leaving Thailand, Heading Home

Mission Trip to Mae Sai, Thailand

Wow, today was the team’s final day in Thailand, and the day has been awesome!


We headed to Home of Grace early this morning to start the day. After lots of fun with the kids and breakfast, we walked with the kids to school.  After arriving to the school and walking the kids to their classrooms, the next thing we know, the kids are telling us to wait and talking with their teachers about something.  Come to find out, the teachers were going to be gone to the Buddhist temples today, so our kids were able to have a day off!


Bonus!  We ended up going to a beautiful national park to have a picnic.

(Note from RIM: Dan tried to send pictures of their adventure, but they couldn’t get good enough WiFi in the midst of their transit. Spelunking pictures to come in a future post!)

There ended up being lots of swimming, then came the mega-bonus, there was an extensive cave very close to where we were, so our team and the Home of Grace kids had a pretty extensive caving/spelunking adventure together!  It was incredible!  We helped each other, and prayed and sang worship songs in the cave, what a sweet unexpected gift of an adventure from God.


Now, as I (Dan) write this, the team is on a bus to Chiang Rai.  We’ll meet Pastor Sayan and Berm from Home of Blessing and spend the evening with them. Home of Blessing is a couple hours from Chiang Rai.  The two of them will pick us and our baggage from the bus station, and in the morning will take us to the airport and send us off.


Tuesday morning we fly from Chiang Rai to Bangkok, where we’ll spend the day in the airport and fly out about 8pm on Etihad airways, stopping for two short connections in Abu Dhabi, and JFK, and then finally arriving Miami around 3pm on the 29th. There, we’ll be met by RIM Staff who will host us, along with the Guatemala team, for final debrief before we head to our individual homes.

During our time in the Bangkok airport, we’ll have quality team time together as we reflect on what God has done the past few weeks, and prepare to transition back to life in the US. The transition can be challenging mentally, physically and spiritually. Please pray for the team to have a strong debriefing process, led by God, and that we transition well over the next days, weeks and months ahead.


Prachow oi pon (God bless you),

Dan (Thailand Project Director)