2017 RIM Mission Trips

You want me to LET GO?

But I’ll fall… This fear of the unknown paralyzes us. It keeps us holding on and never moving upward, but if we want to reach the top, we have to LET GO and reach higher.

let-go2Let go of where you’re at in order to go where you belong. Let go of the mundane and grab hold of your purpose. Let go of the predictable and discover the extraordinary.

Let go of feeling safe and move towards something beyond yourself. Let go of your excuses and reach for your passion.

It’s time to face a new challenge! Take new risks and reach for higher peaks. It’s time to LET GO and climb up to the next level.

Reach out, meet needs, give of yourself and share the Gospel. Know Jesus on a deeper level. Discover what love really feels like.

Watch God transform your life beyond your own expectations. Become who He created you. Change the world like you never imagined. Dare to do the impossible.

Choose one of the trips below and let RIM help you explore God’s heart for the world!

2017 Trips
Dominican Republic IJuly 1-291 Month$2,395April 15
Dominican Republic IIJuly 1-152 Weeks$1,795April 15
Medical (Dominican Republic)July 15-23
8 Days$1,895
May 1
ThailandJuly 1-291 Month$3,495April 15
UgandaJuly 1-291 Month$3,895April 15

 Check out Peter’s experience once he LET GO of his summer plans and went to Guatemala.