Mission Trip Destinations

RIMgroup_withlogoGET OUT. Explore God’s Heart!

To GET OUT, you have to stop what you’re doing. Stop working. Stop studying. Stop watching Netflix. Stop drinking frappuccinos. Stop planning your future. Stop trying to find yourself. Just STOP. For a minute. For a week. For a couple weeks. For a month. Life as you know it will always be available to you, and it has good things to offer. But… In order to GET OUT, you’re going to have to pause. Take a break from what you’re already doing, and set aside some time to do something different.

To GET OUT, you have to leave what you know. Leave behind the familiar, the predictable, the routine. You know that crazy 168-hour per week schedule you manage? Leave it behind. You know the comfort you feel when you stay in your “circle” – the friends and family you always hangout with? Walk away. Just for a little while. Step outside your box and consider what else God might have in store for you this year. And if you really can’t leave everyone behind, bring them with you!

To GET OUT, you have to try something different. Try something new. Unplanned. Un-imagined. Unusual. What would it look like if you said YES to Jesus? If you said, “Here I am. Send me.” And meant it? What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you serve?

Check out Peter’s experience as a high school student spending one month in Guatemala! Then pause for just a moment and ask the Lord: Where should I go?

blue%20apply%20now%20buttonYou could spend your summer teaching English and caring for abandoned girls in Thailand, feeding orphans and leading Bible studies in South Africa, or sharing the Gospel and running medical clinics in Guatemalan schools. You could also join a medical team in Central America and bring health care to families who have never seen a doctor, or partner with urban churches in New York City or Chicago to reach at-risk children and the homeless population.

New York City8 Days6/7 to 6/14$695Individuals/Groups
Guatemala2 Weeks7/1 to 7/15$1,895Individuals/Groups
Guatemala4 Weeks7/1 to 7/29$2,495Individuals/Groups
Botswana, Africa4 Weeks7/1 to 7/29$3,795Individuals/Groups
Thailand4 Weeks7/1 to 7/29$3,495Individuals/Groups
Medical (Guatemala)8 Days7/20 to 7/28$2,095Individuals/Groups
International TripsCustomCustomQuoteGroups Only
Atlanta8 DaysCustom$395Groups Only
Chicago8 DaysCustom$395Groups Only
Hurricane Relief (Houston)8 DaysCustom$495Groups Only
New York City8 DaysCustom$695Groups Only
Seattle8 DaysCustom$495Groups Only

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