Partnership in Phitsanulok

Thur 7/7/16 & Fri 7/8/16 & Sat 7/9/16 – We haven’t had much Wi-Fi access, but BUT we’re excited to finally share what’s been happening…

Thailand school ministry
This is the team at lunch Thursday with Taa and Pastor Saxophone (Sak).

The past couple days have been incredible as we’ve been guests at two different schools. At both schools, all the kids have been together, the first with 116 kids, the second with 14.

Thailand school
Here’s the team Thursday at the first school we visited.

We’ve danced, taught English, performed our drama, shared testimonies, talked about Jesus, the love of God, the Good News. Many kids raised their hand to ask Jesus to be their Lord, and to help them and their family. What a wonderful time sharing God’s love.

Thai meal
Meal together

On Thursday night, we were guests at the home of local missionaries from Germany who are partnered with Taa, our friend who we’re working with who is a Thai missionary. They shared their vision of ministry in Thailand. It was a great experience for all of us.

Thailand Cooking
Friday night, helping cook

On Friday night, we went to visit a couple families several miles outside of the city. We got to help in the outdoor kitchen area with food preparation and enjoyed an incredible dinner together.

Thailand prayer
Praying for a Thai girl and embracing her as she cries.

Afterwards, people shared about God, about things they’re thankful for and also struggles. We had a time of prayer together.

Thailand healing prayer
Saturday afternoon the team was in a village praying for people, including this woman who was having liver problems.

Now it’s Saturday, early afternoon. We did a program with a group of kids this morning, similar to what we’ve done the last couple days. It was great. Afterwards, we had lunch together with some of the local people. Now we’re out at a village and have about 30 minutes before many kids show up. This will be the first time we’ve met this group of kids. Afterwards we’ll have dinner along the river with some of our Thai friends, and walk around a local Saturday night market.

Phitsanulok dinner
Special meal on our last night in Phitsanulok. Wow!

In the morning, we’ll join in a worship service we’ve been invited to, and will participate with testimonies, singing, and drama. Later Sunday afternoon, we’ll take a bus to our second location, Chiangmai, where God no doubt has awesome things in store.