Primary School Improvements (By Sarah)

As you know, we’ve been working hard on a paint project at the school. We’re brightening up the entrance-way to the school and making it more inviting. This also goes a long way to helping elevate the professionalism of the school. This is really important in Uganda. Parents here choose which school to send their children too based on its reputation and prestige.
Things like a smart-looking entrance and the knowledge that international teachers visit raise people’s impression of the school. RIM’s partner church opened Hephzibah International Primary School less than two years ago. It is their desire to fill the school with students because that’s one of the most effective ways to reach community families for Christ so we’re thrilled to be a part of activities (painting and teaching) that make that Kingdom reality!
I’ve attached pictures of our paint project. There are more, but these are some of the best ones. The teachers are so excited about it, and we know it will have a huge impact on the professionalism of the school!  So that is super cool! The entire project should be finished on Tuesday!!
Anyway, thanks so much for loving and supporting us. We booked our trip to Kampala tonight and we are all SOOO JAZZED about it. We’ll be spending two days in the city. During that time, we plan to visit another school to gather ideas to bring back to Hephzibah. We’ll also be printing and binding a teacher training manual for the teachers we’ve been working with and buying gifts for our students. Then on Friday, we’ll have a final celebration with the students and teachers at Hephzibah to remember all that the Lord has done in the last few weeks.
Over the weekend, we’ll spend some more time with the church, and then Sunday night we head out to our safari destination.
Love you guys!! Thanks for all your prayers!
(RIM Project Director)