Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions not addressed below, please contact RIM at 1-800-774-6746 from 9:00am-5:00pm Monday through Thursday. You may also email


Parent Concerns

1. Who will take care of my child?

You can feel confident about the safety and security of your student because of how deeply RIM invests in its leaders. All leader applicants complete a pre-screening process and in-person vetting, and all leaders attend multi-day training events prior to taking students on trips.

RIM uses a 3-tiered leadership structure to ensure health and safety, to handle logistics and ministry partnerships, and to provide discipleship and a personal experience for each participant. Your child is never alone outside of the lodging complex. They are always accompanied by an adult, and often this person is their MA.

2. What are the 3-tiers of leaders?

PROJECT DIRECTORS (PDs) are hand-selected, very experienced veteran leaders who have worked with RIM for years. Often they are full-time RIM staff, and they always pass FBI background checks. PDs are responsible for all the teams in a country and provide both spiritual and logistical oversight.

TEAM LEADERS (TLs) are age 21+ and work in co-ed pairs to head up teams of 25-30 young people. TLs handle daily schedule, discipline and spiritual environment for their teams.

MISSION ADVISORS (MAs) are age 18+ and are accountable for 3 to 8 team members. MAs focus on establishing relationships, investing in your student personally, and watching out for them.

3. How do I contact my child?

To facilitate greater engagement in ministry and with fellow team members, RIM limits communication with home/social media to designated team communication times. Instead of 24/7 connections that can cause distraction, the entire team will pause at various points along the way to call, email, post, etc. at the same time.

RIM guarantees an opportunity to connect with home once per week (however, we do not force your child to contact you – it’s their choice). Depending on your child’s location, they may have additional opportunities as well. In between team communication times, RIM does our best to post trip updates on our blog, our Facebook page, and in the ‘RIM Parents’ Facebook group for each of our teams.

4. What if there’s an emergency?

If it’s AT HOME, you can always call the RIM offices at 1-800-774-6746 during normal business hours. In addition, a 24-hour emergency number will be sent to you in the Final Packet (approximately 2 weeks before the trip begins). We’ll put you in touch with your child quickly!

If it’s ON THE MISSION FIELD, RIM will contact the emergency contact listed on your student’s application asap. In the event of an illness, injury, natural disaster, or political unrest, treatment and/or evacuation efforts will be coordinated through the international travel insurance policy all participants are required to purchase.

Miami Training

1. When and where is training?

All PARTICIPANTS on a standard RIM summer trip MUST attend training in Miami. This training takes place at a hotel during the first two days of your trip. (Example: On July 1-29 Uganda trip, Miami Training is July 1-2)

All RIM LEADERS (including PDs, TLs and MAs) have an additional two days of training in Miami prior to the start of the trip. Leadership training is by invitation only. (Example: On July 1-29 Uganda trip, Leader Camp is June 29-30)

2. What will I do at training?

Through a variety of teachers, trainers and hands-on activities, you will learn: evangelism strategies, ministry tools (drama, English camp, etc.), team building, and tips for spiritual survival on the mission field.

You will also experience praise and worship, teaching and discipleship alongside your teammates and other teams headed to locations around the world. It’s an incredibly awesome, life-changing two days!

3. What do I do at the airport?

Two weeks before your trip, you’ll receive a t-shirt in the mail, which you wear to Miami. RIM Staff wearing the same t-shirt will meet you at your baggage claim within a few minutes of your arrival. They will escort you to the hotel shuttle, settle you in your hotel room, introduce you to your team leaders and provide a schedule for training.

You do not need to arrange your own hotel or transportation. RIM will provide these for you. RIM also provides all your meals, beginning with dinner on arrival day.

4. Can my parents drive me?

Yes! If you are local to Miami, your family may drive you straight to the hotel instead of the airport, and your parents are welcome to meet your leaders. They can stay with you until 5pm, and then it’ll be time to say goodbye.

Please make sure to indicate your plans to drive instead of fly on your domestic travel form at least 30 days in advance of your trip.


1. What’s included in my trip cost?

Miami Training
(Hotel & Meals)

International airfare
(From Miami)



3 Daily Meals

Ministry Supplies

Adventure Day Excursions

2. What additional expenses occur?

Travel to Miami
(RT from hometown)

Travel Insurance
($2.45 per day)



Medical Expenses


Visa/Passport Expenses

3. How do I collect donations?

You can add your own money or fundraise through donors. RIM offers 3 ways to give:

1) Online with credit/debit cards here.

2) Online with credit/debit cards through an individual participant’s Public Profile URL. This platform allows fundraising via social media.

3) Checks payable to Real Impact Missions mailed to PO Box 1532, Gainesville, GA 30503. Do NOT write participant’s name on the check; include a separate note.

4. How can I view my fundraising?

RIM provides each participant with an online account that shows money paid/raised and forms due/received. Access this here.

Typically gifts appear in your online account within 2 business days once the donation arrives at RIM Headquarters. Occasionally near fundraising deadlines, volume delays may occur. Gifts given through Public Profile URLs are processed in real time and appear instantly.

5. Are donations tax-deductible?

YES! Most donations made by individuals and for-profit businesses are tax-deductible because RIM is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All financial activity is filed annually on Form 990 Corporate federal Return.

Donors will receive a tax receipt in January of the year following their donation(s) if they gave $250 or more in one calendar year. Tax receipts for lesser amounts are available upon request at 1-800-774-6746.

6. Are refunds available?

Per IRS tax regulations for non-profits, RIM is unable to offer refunds in any situation.

Excess funds, may remain in your account for one year to use on a future trip. Afterwards, they remain with the project and are spent on ministry.

If you drop, the same is true, but expenses already incurred will be deducted. Drops within 30 days of departure forfeit 100% of their funds.

Dietary Restrictions

1. Does RIM accommodate special dietary needs?

All meals are arranged in advance and prepared by local cooks to incorporate local cuisine. For this reason, RIM does not offer specialized meal options (such as vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, paleo, low-carb, etc). If you have a medically necessary dietary need, you will need to pack supplementary food items in your checked luggage. Please call RIM with any questions or concerns.

2. What if I’m a picky eater?

You’ll quickly learn that missions is about flexibility and willingness to leave your comfort zone. All participants should be prepared to smile and eat what is set before them in order to be culturally sensitive and to not offend our hosts or cooks. Relationships are more important than preferences!