Team Covenant

RIM Staff cannot wait to see how God will use you as you share the Gospel around the world this summer! Before you go, we want to make sure that we’re all on the same page about what we believe and how we’ll best represent Jesus Christ while traveling together.

Conduct Agreement
The rules and regulations of Real Impact Missions are expressly designed to ensure the safety and well-being of each team member and to help teams maintain the highest degree of Christian integrity so that they can minister effectively in a cross-cultural setting. The enforcement of all aspects of these rules and regulations are the responsibility of the RIM staff which includes Project Directors, Team Leaders, Mission Advisors and those working at RIM HQ. Enforcement shall occur in a manner which RIM staff feel is in accordance with Christian principles and the stated purpose of the project. We expect full cooperation from team members (and parents, if applicable) in disciplinary decisions made. RIM reserves the right to send any team member home that shows disregard for the stated rules and regulations. THE TEAM MEMBER’S FAMILY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY COSTS INVOLVED IN SENDING THE TEAM MEMBER HOME. This may include, but is not limited to, meals, hotel rooms and international airfare.

Breaking the following rules will result in participants being sent home, no exceptions:

  • No possession or use of illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco products
  • No smoking, including vape and e-cigarettes
  • No use of someone else’s prescription drugs
  • No fireworks, firearms or other weapons
  • Never be outside of the lodging complex alone or without a leader in your group
  • No romantic involvement of any kind during training or on the mission field (No new relationships with teammates, translators or people you meet, and any pre-existing relationships on the team must be placed on hold with no alone time or PDA.)
  • No stealing
  • No pornography
  • No entrance into opposite gender living quarters

Breaking the following rules while on a RIM trip will result in disciplinary action, which may eventually result in a participant being sent home if these behaviors continue:

  • No profanity
  • No fighting
  • Group leaders must know where you are at all times
  • A group leader must accompany you outside the housing complex at all times
  • No secular music (please leave it home)
  • No phone use (communicating with home,updating social media, internet use) outside of designated team communication times
  • Be on time for all team meetings
  • Be in the housing complex by curfew
  • Refrain from behaviors that jeopardize the mission or your team’s Christian witness
  • No new ear or body piercings during the trip
  • No new tattoos during the trip
  • No extreme hair styles or hair coloring during the trip
  • You must adhere to the Dress Code
  • No improper eating habits while on the trip

Communication with Home
At RIM, we value engagement in team activities and relationships with our teams as much as the quality of our ministry to those in the countries we serve. For this reason, we limit how and when you may communicate with people back home as well as when you may update social media. Periodically throughout the trip, leadership will designate communication times and these are the ONLY times that participants may call, text or update social media.

  • Participants many not initiate or respond to communication with home or upload anything to social media outside of times specifically designated for this purpose.
  • The entire team will communicate with home/update social media at the same time so that these communications do not interfere with team meetings or relationships.
  • Parents may text participants any time they like, but must understand that responses will not come until the next designated team communication time.
  • Parents should expect that participants will NOT have daily access to wifi/calls.

Dress Code
Participants must adhere to RIM’s dress code. The basic one is below. Additional requirements may be added by RIM staff or local contacts as appropriate to your cultural situation.

General Dress Code:

  • Shorts and tank tops may not be worn during ministry (for both guys and girls)
  • Close-toed shoes (and sometimes pants) are required for work projects
  • SWIMWEAR: Girls must wear one-piece suits or have a dark-colored t-shirt over a twopiece. Guys must wear t-shirts to/from the pool/beach.
  • CHURCH CLOTHES: Girls must have a mid-calf or ankle length skirt with a nice blouse or a long dress that is not sleeveless. Guys must have khaki or dress pants and a button down, collared shirt.

Dress Code for Ladies:

  • No short or tight skirts.
  • One-piece bathing suits or a dark colored t-shirt over a two-piece.
  • No off-the-shoulder shirts.
  • Shorts outside the lodging complex at approved times only.
  • No short shorts.
  • No leggings or yoga pants.
  • No tank tops or sleeveless shirts.
  • No baby-tees. All t-shirts must be loose fitting and come past the waist with arms lifted.
  • No new body piercing done during Real Impact Missions involvement.
  • No new tattoos piercing done during Real Impact Missions involvement.
  • No head shaving.

Dress Code for Guys:

  • No clothing that advertises alcohol, tobacco products, or heavy metal bands.
  • Must wear shirts at all times, including to and from the pool.
  • No shorts outside the lodging complex when involved in ministry.
  • No tank tops outside the lodging complex.
  • No ear, nose, or lip rings worn during trip.
  • No saggy pants.
  • Avoid bizarre hair-shaving, braiding, coloring.

Personal Commitment
Recognizing Jesus as the Author and Finisher of our faith and the Word of God as the supreme standard for all wisdom and knowledge, RIM participants pursue growth in Christ-likeness. They understand that this requires them to seek first His Kingdom and righteousness so they:

  • Endeavor to follow the will of God for their lives and to exemplify Christ-like character through daily personal prayer, consistent Bible study, and faithful group worship.
  • Endeavor to faithfully give heed to the call God has on their lives and to develop the gifts and abilities that God has given them.
  • Endeavor to bring glory and honor to the name of Jesus through our ministry and allow the love of the Spirit to flow through them.
  • Realize that they have been crucified with Christ and that their lives belongs to Him. It is their desire to develop themselves as servants and to seek opportunities to serve, realizing that love exalts and prefers others over self.
  • Take the Great Commission as a personal call on our lives. They aim to spread the “good news” to every creature and to make the most of every opportunity to minister.
  • Submit themselves to the established leadership of Real Impact Missions and/or to any rules or regulations that may be adopted or changed from time to time.
  • Realize that participation in missions is a privilege and a call from God, not a right, and they purpose to give their best to positively support RIM’s ministry