Rosa’s Prayer


When RIM teams arrive at public schools, 200 to 1,000 students at a time watch our drama and hear us present the Gospel. Afterwards, our team divides into smaller groups called MIGS (ministry groups) to reach out in one-on-one or classroom settings. This allows us to better explain the Gospel to students and ensure that they truly understand the decision they need to make.

RIM_Guatemala_2016 RIM_Guatemala_2016

Each evening, our team members gather for Debrief — a time to share what they have seen and experienced during the day and to give God the credit and praise for what they have watched Him do each day. Last night, one of our MIGS shared about about a young lady named Rosa…


Rosa, a high school girl, approached our team to share her own faith and to thank them for coming. She expressed her deep hope that her friends would choose to accept Christ because she had been praying for them for a long time.


A short time later, our team members found themselves talking a group of Rosa’s friends, and two of them accepted Jesus!!

We are always amazed when we watch people cross the threshold from death to life, but this time felt extra special. To know that our team helped God answer Rosa’s prayers… We stand in awe of our God. He is truly so good to us!


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