Storytelling in the Streets

PLEASE… As Performed on the Streets of Thailand


Storytelling has become a popular idea these days. It’s used for training, marketing, news, propaganda, children, adults and more… Everyone responds to a good story, which is why excellent storytelling can facilitate strategic evangelism. Drama allows an audience to learn who Jesus is while identifying personally with one or more of the characters in His story.


In Miami, our team invested a serious amount of hours learning to master this street drama. It portrays the life of Jesus intermingled with individual people’s stories.


The plot lasts 9 minutes and is followed by one of the team members “casting the net” (explaining the Gospel and giving an invitation). Afterwards, the team breaks into ministry groups and uses translators to have one-on-one conversations with people in the audience.


Karolina plays a prostitute who flirts with the rich, pious religious leaders (Loyd, Cameron and Kadyn). Some of them she leads on, some of them she rejects, but ultimately she gets hurt (one of them hits her). All this time, Jesus is right there watching. Eventually, He picks her up off the ground and she becomes His devoted follower.


Here you see the religious leaders continuing to show off their piety, while Brooke enters the scene as a humble prayer who actually knows and loves Jesus. He exalts her in front of the hypocrites, which angers them.


Jesus (Jeremy) begins to interact with Loyd’s Judas-like character, reaching out to him in relationship, but Judas is confused and can’t decide whether He wants to be with Jesus or not. This indecision escalates in several scenes until Judas ultimately betrays Jesus and initiates His arrest.


Jesus continues interacting with characters… Simona plays a blind person whom Jesus heals, but them she rejects Him and helps to crucify Him. Roman plays a lonely person whom Jesus befriends but who hesitates to become a true follower until he sees Jesus raise someone (Brooke) from the dead after she dies for her faith.


By the climax of the drama, you see Karolina, Brooke and Roman worshipful and believing in Jesus. Everyone else sets out to arrest, beat and crucify Him.


Jesus followers momentarily think a miracle is coming when Jesus prays in the garden,


but their hopes are crushed when He surrenders to the Father’s will and allows Himself to be killed.




Cameron, Kadyn, Simona and Loyd deliver a first-class fight scene that reminds us all how guilty we are. Our sin put Jesus on the cross…


No pics from the actual crucifixion scene  (oops! I think our photographer got caught up in the emotion!!)… but then Jesus resurrects and bursts forth from the tomb, stunning all of the characters!


His worshippers are elated, Simona changes her mind and becomes a follower, but the other three continue to reject Christ. This leads perfectly into the “net” where one of the team members ask the audience “What will YOU do with Jesus Christ?”


Translators are on hand for this important moment and then to go out with ministry teams and speak to the crowd afterwards.


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So far, more than a dozen people have given their lives to Jesus!!

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