Surprise VBS!!



Our one month team in the Dominican focuses on evangelism for the first two weeks and then helps with the medical clinics their third week. Once both of those teams leave, we plan a special project for the one monthers to complete during their final week.


We often leave this project up to our partner pastors as they know the greatest needs in their community. Examples would include building a house, painting a playground or installing a water pump.

Except, this year, SURPRISE!!

Pastor Tito decided that his community’s greatest need was… THE GOSPEL for their children. He organized an impromptu VBS for 2 days and told our team about it the night before. When they asked how many children to expect, he said, “at least 90, maybe 400.”


That might seem amazing, until you realize that RIM’s two week team and medical team have both already gone home, leaving only SIX team members to plan, organize and run this program.


Our quick-thinking team made a quick call to the RIM office in Georgia, where we provided them with a curriculum and spent an hour on conference call training them how to run the program.


Then they dashed off to the store to buy supplies, and they stayed up half the night prepping posters and crafts.


Back at the office, our hearts were torn… 90 kids sounded manageable, but 400 kids to share the Gospel with would be incredible. But could the team do it?? No worries however, this amazing team didn’t even break a sweat…

BRING IT ON!! They felt ready for whatever the Lord had in store!

Meanwhile, RIM staffed tapped our prayer networks and asked people to pray for these two days. And hundreds of folks agreed to help – people shared our prayer posts of social media, commented with prayers, and promised to keep this team before the Lord the whole time. We’re so blessed and encouraged to see such an incredible community back home support those on the field! 


When the VBS program began the next day, 300 KIDS showed up.


And they heard the Gospel, and they responded… Our team knocked it out of the park sharing with them and praying with them. What an awesome time! We can’t imagine a better way to have finished out this trip!!


Except of course for a beach day… Our team spent their final moments on the beach reminding each other of all the Lord has done this summer and encouraging each other about the transition back to home.


Wonderfully Exhausted!!


This morning, we passed out 300 tickets to Dominicans in need of medical care. To keep order at our clinics, the ticket system helps us make sure that everyone who needs care receives care and there are no line-jumpers. This is important because some people wait in line for hours and hours to see a doctor!


By the end of a LOOONG day on Monday, we had seen the first 224 patients. Needless to say, we are wonderfully exhausted!! Today, we’re back to see more patients in another location. Local church members minister alongside of us to ensure that there is spiritual follow up for all who respond to the Gospel. Please be in prayer for healed bodies and hearts changed by the Gospel.

RIM Project Director Cara Boss
RIM Project Director Cara Boss


Dominican Republic Medical Missions


Great Need at Our First Dominican Medical Clinics



Our one month team and our medical team joined forces today for the first of five mobile medical clinics in Santo Domingo. At a typical clinic, RIM serves almost 200 patients per day, but today, THREE HUNDRED patients were waiting for our team.


RIM Project Director, Cara Boss, writes, “We are seeing LOTS of malnutrition, very high blood pressures and diabetes. The area we are in, Boca Chica, has so much poverty – they can’t afford their blood pressure medicine. Lots of incredible need here!!!”


Pray for stamina as our team works with large crowds and huge needs over the next four days. Pray also that all the need would open hearts to the Gospel. Our team shares Christ and prays with every patient, but prayer is needed for the Lord to prepare receptive hearts! So many times we’ve see God use a tangible medical need to not only lead the patient to Christ but also their entire family. Pray that we would see this happen over and over again in the Dominican!


100+ Kids Welcome Us


Sharing the Gospel in the DR at a School

On a typical RIM trip in Central America or the Caribbean, we spend the first two weeks with our summer teams presenting the drama at school assemblies, 3-5 schools per day.

Children's Ministry in the DR

This blast of evangelism sows a lot of seeds for our contacts to follow up with after we’re gone. It helps bring visibility to their ministries and increase their reach into the community. 

Presenting the Gospel in the Dominican

With the DR, one challenge we anticipated is students being on summer vacation during the month of July (unlike other countries, they have a similar school calendar to the US).


So far, we’ve had an awesome time taking the Gospel more directly out into communities, and our host contacts have worked really hard to strategically place us for the greatest impact.

School Ministry in the DR

One of our main contact’s friends has a church and a school nearby to where our team is living this month, and he saw RIM’s drama when another team visited the area last March. When he found out about our team, he requested us to spend a whole day at his church–performing the drama and doing children’s ministry.



Initially, we felt skeptical that he could gather up many kids during their vacation time, but WOW did he surprise us. When we arrived yesterday, more than 100 children eagerly welcomed us and could not wait to spend the day with us!!


What a phenomenal day! We presented the drama and the Gospel, and children responded. We also broke into small groups with them to really get to know them, share our testimonies, hear about their lives, and minister to them.


In addition, we had a blast playing games, singing songs and building relationships in all kinds of creative way. God is so good, and we loved seeing Him at work in this community!

Dominican Republic Children's Ministry

Dominican Baseball Player Shares His Faith




On Monday, our team performed the drama two times. First, we presented it to a baseball team that one of the men from the church used to play for.


Even though this man accepted Christ two years ago (see additional RIM story here), today was the first time he’s talked to his former teammates about Christ. We are honored that he wanted our drama presentation to be a part of how he shared Christ with his friends!


To see what happened at our second location, read the next article: Gospel Under the Bridge.