Outside Church Walls


Ministry story from yesterday:

As we arrived to our last drama presentation, dark clouds started settling. One of the translators asked our pastor contact if we could do the drama in the church that we passed driving into the neighborhood – to avoid the rain. The pastor said no, that the people gathering around outside would not go inside a church. So we performed outside.



One of our teammates shared a testimony about experiencing mistreatment from people who called themselves Christians, and how God eventually captured his heart with real love.

Later, the pastor told us more about the neighborhood. The church that we didn’t perform in was known for their legalistic rules, and the nonChristians (who were watching our drama) only associated Christianity with hate.

Our ministry time introduced them to the real God who loves them just as they are and wants a relationship with them. God held off the rain and allowed us to have conversations with people – some who gave their life to Christ for the first time!

And here’s a bonus…

Our team is learning a song with hand motions called Chuchua. It’s a call and response song!


Drama in the Dominican

People of Pleasure


Wait! Don’t worry… Not the kind of drama you’re thinking. Our team is very united in spirit and purpose, and it’s helped us to minister effectively here in the Caribbean.

Sharing in Churches & Schools

When we say DRAMA, we mean this incredible, 20-minute choreographed piece we’re using to show the Gospel in schools, parks, churches and other key locations throughout the community.

Sharing in the Streets

We worked really hard in Miami to learn all of this in just two days. (Shout out to our awesome drama trainers!!)

Sharing Testimonies & The Gospel

Now, it’s serving as a tool to share the Gospel. Each day we’re leading people to Christ. Wow!!


In this story, a man is trying to answer two questions: WHO AM I? and WHY AN I HERE? Take a look at several of the scenes below…

People of Greed
People of Greed
People of Pleasure
People of Pleasure
People of Power
People of Power

Pray for our drama to continue to impact lives and cause people to accept Jesus!

English Camp in Phitsanulok



The opening chapter of our journey takes place in the historic city of Phitsanulok. One of the oldest cities in Thailand, founded more than 600 years ago, Phitsanulok served as the country’s capital for 25 years. Now, it is still a strategic crossroads both politically and economically.



Thai culture abounds here as the city is know for both its art and literature. Dragon boat racing is common as well as football (soccer) and Thai boxing. Temples and a deep Buddhist heritage are also present.


Since their arrival, our team has prayer walked throughout the area. They also traveled to a nearby village where they partnered with a local church to host a two-day English camp.


In addition, they partnered with Compassion International and got to see the behind-the-scenes ministry to the children who are sponsored through their programs.


So far, the team is enjoying their time, very excited about how the Lord is moving, and looking forward to the next few days here!


DR Recap Video March 2017

liberty dr 2017

Worship with us as we celebrate what the Lord did during a spring break mission trip! Then consider what your church or school could experience if you sign up for a Custom Mission Trip next year. Can’t wait that long? Consider one of our 2017 Summer Mission Trips for groups or individuals…

2017 Dominican Republic Mission Trip from LCS on Vimeo.

GatheringPoint Chicago Mission Trip

chicago word


Join us in the Windy City June 16-22, 2018!

Last year, GatheringPoint built incredible relationships with Dunamis Life Church, Pacific Garden Mission and the Salvation Army through a partnership with Real Impact Missions. Several of you made life-long connections and have already returned to visit. This summer, it’s time to take it to the next level!

You’ve formed a relationship, now take it deeper… Begin to ask the Lord how He will use you to reach the people of Pilsen (neighborhood) with the truth and hope of the Gospel. Your trip will include most of the same ministries from last year with some exciting new free day adventures!

The cost is $385 per person and includes all your food, lodging, transportation, ministry supplies and free day activities. Also, for the first time this year, there is a sibling discount. When siblings serve together on the same trip, the second child receives $20 off and the third receives $10 off their trip price.

Application Process:

View the Trip Summary with your parents before you sign up.

Once you’ve decided to GO:


  1. Apply Online by March 15th
  2. Submit non-refundable $19 Application Fee with your application
  3. Follow the instructions in your Acceptance Packet to complete your fundraising and forms.

Download Acceptance Packet:

Use the Trip Checklist on page 4 to quickly view deadlines!


Call 1-800-774-6746 or email GoInfo@realimpact.com.

Required Forms:

Mail the completed Notarized form to:
Real Impact Missions
PO Box 1532
Gainesville, GA 30503

Travel Resources:

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Uganda Trivia – Two Truths & A Lie



A land of mystery and intrigue, Uganda boasts many fascinating features…
Can you guess which statements below are true? Each set of 3 statements contains 2 truths and 1 lie. Find the lies and you’ll be well prepared to start sharing the Gospel in Uganda this summer!!

Trees, Roofs & Senior Citizens

  1. Legally, if you cut one down a tree in Uganda, you need to plant three more!
  2. Only women work to build mud huts. Men just install the roofs.
  3. The extensive elderly population of Uganda creates over-crowding issues.

Phones, Grasshoppers & The State of Oregon

  1. Ugandans say, “I need to make a short call” when looking for a phone booth.
  2. Ugandans honor special guests by presenting a pan fried grasshoppers to eat.
  3. 34.5 million people live in Uganda, but only 3.8 million live in Oregon though both spaces are the same size!


Check Your Answers

#3 – The elderly… Actually, Uganda is the youngest country in the world. Nearly 50% of the population is under age 14!

#1 – The bathroom… Use this saying to find a restroom without embarrassing your host


Now That You Know… GO!!

Uganda needs you – your passion, your faith, your talent! Real Impact Missions is offering a 4-week short-term missions opportunity this summer for high school and college students. You’ll work with orphans, share your faith in public schools, and encourage brand new church plants. Learn more about Uganda mission trips…

Request Our FREE Brochure and learn how you can make a difference in the lives of orphans this summer!

Lawpa’s Mountain Village

Near Phrao, Thailand – July 17th 

We visited a church in the village this Sunday morning. The team had a chance to encourage the Christians (who are the minority of the village) with a drama, singing, prayer, testimony and preaching. After lunch, we drove about an hour high into the nearby mountains to visit Lawpa’s village. Lawpa serves as the head of Seed of Hope, the orphanage. Several of the children from SOH accompanied us.

While there, we joined a worship service, and got to sing, perform our drama, teach Bible and share testimonies.
The picture of the three in front of the house includes Lawpa, his wife and son. This is their house in the mountain village that they lived in for 10 years.  Now they live about 100km away where Seed of Hope is located. This house stands empty now, but wee got to go inside and imagine what it was like to live here, so far away from civilization.

Suwit’s Village


On the Way to Phrao, Thailand – July 15th 

Friday morning we had a final prayer-walk through the red-light district, then visited our friend Emmi at Zion Café before we left Chiang Mai.

Thailand Mission Trip Red Light District

On the way to Phrao, where the team would spend time at a children’s home (boys and girls, elementary to high school, 30 total kids), the team stopped at Suwit’s village. Suwit is not only driving the team for a large portion of the time in Thailand, but he’s really another team member.


Suwit has worked with RIM teams in Thailand a couple other times in the past. The village is beautiful. We met his wife and baby daughter, visited the church in the village (6 out of 110 families in the village are currently Christian). We joined together in prayer for the village.


Then the team visited a nearby park with natural hot springs. It was breathtaking, and a bit slippery in the water, and Clara even fell in!


About an hour later we arrived to Phrao and met Lawpa, his wife, and the kids. That night (Friday), the team had dinner together with everyone at the children’s home, sang worship songs in Thai and English, and did some stomp dance steps and Jesus cheers. It seemed like everyone had a blast together.

Temples, Tribes & Trafficking

Strategic Partnership

Chiang Mai – July 10th – July 13th, 2016


Sunday night the team took a bus to Chiang Mai. The drive was beautiful through the Thailand countryside.

Thai Rooftop

Monday morning we met with some of the people we would be doing ministry with in Chiang Mai throughout the week. The team had time together up on the rooftop-meeting area at the guest house.


That afternoon we prayer walked at the famous Suthep Buddhist Temple up on a mountain. Many people come to this temple from near and far.


After the temple, we visited the new restaurant business of a Christian brother we know, encouraging him and praying for his business. We also taste-tested mangoes and sticky rice – a delicious, dessert-like meal!



On Tuesday morning, the team went to the area of the Red Light District. Many tourists come to this area. There is one street in particular, lined with bars and Thai massage places. As we had arrived in the morning, nothing much was open yet. We prayer walked through the area.


Next, the team visited Zion Café, and met with the leader of the ministry Lighthouse in Action, Emmi. She talked with the team about the ministry’s focus on helping with human trafficking, helping people who seem to be trapped in prostitution. Emmi describe the three parts of the ministry: prevention, intervention and restoration. The team went back into the Red Light District that night, ministering in particular to two girls working as prostitutes and to a bar owner.

Zion Cafe Thailand

On Wednesday morning, we met with Hope for Tribes, “a ministry equipping university students with the tools needed to go and make disciples among their own tribe and to and to share that love with the world around them.” We spent time with several of the university students, as well as the ministry leaders, encouraging them, visiting community members, playing games, eating lunch, praying and worshipping.

HopeforTribes Thailand

Then we visited a new church, meeting inside with their leaders, worshipping together and praying for the church. Afterwards, the team went to a giant dam, seeing Thailand and learning more about the country.




We then visited the home of a pastor we worked with during the day. They’ve taken in 7 kids and have a couple kids of their own. It was a wonderful time teaching, learning, encouraging and worshipping.

Thailand Pastor Home

Thai2016_0076 Home



Thursday is a big adventure day for the team, including elephant riding and a bamboo raft trip down a river in the jungle. Thursday night, we’ll visit another church, going early to talk with people in the community, then to share testimonies and perform our drama.

Culture in Thailand is very relationship based, and God is providing fantastic opportunities for the team to build relationships with the people in Thailand. Please keep praying for us to:

  • Include God in everything, letting Him lead us
  • Do everything in God’s strength, grace, energy and power
  • Truly trust God in our ministry work and for wisdom
  • Remain sensitive to God’s voice
  • Experience powerful quiet times with the Lord as well as team times of prayer, worship and discussion
  • Travel safely

On Friday, the team will leave Chiang Mai and head to Prau, about two hours away.