Thai Adventure Day

Thailand Mission Trip Elephant Ride

Take a LOOK!
As promised, our team experienced a HUGE adventure day on Thursday… 

Thailand Mission Trip Ox Cart
Exploring Aboard an Ox Cart
Thailand Mission Trip Bamboo River Raft
Floating on a Bamboo River Raft
Thailand Mission Trip Elephant Ride
Riding an Elephant
Thailand Mission Trip Elephant Ride
The Maetang River
Thailand Mission Trip Adventure Day
Adventures in the Jungle! Lots to check off their bucket lists!!

Needless to say, these girls had a fantastic time and really enjoyed immersing themselves in all things Thai for a day!

Perfect Weather for an Uphill Climb!


What an amazing free day today! We hiked a volcano just outside of town! The weather felt perfect, the scenery beautiful, and the views spectacular!

Guatemala 2016

We hiked the long route through rolling hills of volcanic rocks. We certainly had to adjust to the slickness of the downhill descents, but we embraced the challenge.

Guatemala 2016

Three of us opted for horseback rides to the top and enjoyed a different but equally wonderful experience.

Guatemala 2016

We roasted hotdogs and marshmallows in volcanic vents and filled up on s’mores! We then headed back down. Oh, and we also had just enough time to pose for this funny shot… Don’t worry Mom – Sarah is safe, she only PRETENDED to fall into a volcano!! This is just an old steam vent that used to let heat out of the volcano. Now it makes for a pretty great Kodak moment!

Guatemala 2016 - Fell into a volcano

Our trusty guides (pictured here, pretending to rescue Sarah) keep us safe and away from any actual danger!
(**No missionaries were actually in a volcano during the making of this mission trip…**)


After the volcano, we spent time at some geothermal heated pools. We relaxed and chatted and just enjoyed the beautiful scenery and each other. We concluded with a fun dinner of pizza. There was so much excitement, someone might have thought we hadn’t had pizza for 3 years.


Finally, missionaries were allowed to contact home and spent time updating family and friends. We’re refreshed for a big day of ministry tomorrow.

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Where the Streets Have No Name

Thailand Mission Trip Drama

Mission Trip to Phitsanulok, Thailand

Hands down, the unity of a team profoundly affects the effectiveness of their ministry. Our time together and with the Lord each day fuels all that we do during outreach. We’ve enjoyed bonding in worship…


And while exploring our neighborhood…


In serious times of prayer and hard-work preparing our evangelism tools as well as in moments of pure silliness…


And, most importantly, while presenting the hope of the Gospel on the streets of Thailand. In the drama below, we demonstrate how Jesus loves and helps everyone and made the ultimate sacrifice to restore a relationship with each of us. But, we also explain that the relationship is a choice. Every single person needs to decide what they will do about Jesus Christ…