The Need to Teach Teachers

Ugandan School ChildrenThis week our team has worked hard at the Ugandan school, and they have one more day of classes before the weekend.

Playground at Uganda School

Sarah and Tiffany have facilitated a professional development program for the school teachers and an administrator. They’ve worked hard to teach principles of classroom management and how to build relationships with students. They’ve also tried to share techniques for effectively teaching different subjects. The teachers have thoroughly engaged in the process and have expresses appreciation for how much they’re learning.

Ugandan Classroom

Meanwhile, the other girls have been running classes for all the students. They alternate between teaching them what the Ugandan teachers have planned for the day (acting as substitutes during the teacher development program), and running actual English camps.

Games in Ugandan Classroom

During the English camps, our girls use all sorts of games, songs and hand motions to help students learn and remember. They also help to correct pronunciation and grammar that has been learned incorrectly. It’s a huge value add for the school to have American English speakers to help!

Teaching English Camps in Uganda

As you can imagine, each day brings something new in Uganda. For every great ministry moment, there’s also a surprise or a challenge. For example, what do you do when a little boy brings his goat to school??

Ugandan Boys with Goat

Keep praying for our team, they have Friday and Monday in the school, and then they’ll return the following Friday for a big celebration.

Ugandan School Children

During the middle of next week, the team will be involved in some additional ministries in Kampala (the big city, about an hour away).

Road Trip in Uganda

Here’s a fun picture from one of their earlier trips into town…

Zebra Statue in Kampala

And also an update on the painting project the girls have been working on at the school!

Ugandan Community Development Project

Finally, what post would be complete without a picture of Tiffany holding a sweet little baby?!

Ugandan Baby with Missionary