Temples, Tribes & Trafficking

Chiang Mai – July 10th – July 13th, 2016


Sunday night the team took a bus to Chiang Mai. The drive was beautiful through the Thailand countryside.

Thai Rooftop

Monday morning we met with some of the people we would be doing ministry with in Chiang Mai throughout the week. The team had time together up on the rooftop-meeting area at the guest house.


That afternoon we prayer walked at the famous Suthep Buddhist Temple up on a mountain. Many people come to this temple from near and far.


After the temple, we visited the new restaurant business of a Christian brother we know, encouraging him and praying for his business. We also taste-tested mangoes and sticky rice – a delicious, dessert-like meal!



On Tuesday morning, the team went to the area of the Red Light District. Many tourists come to this area. There is one street in particular, lined with bars and Thai massage places. As we had arrived in the morning, nothing much was open yet. We prayer walked through the area.


Next, the team visited Zion Café, and met with the leader of the ministry Lighthouse in Action, Emmi. She talked with the team about the ministry’s focus on helping with human trafficking, helping people who seem to be trapped in prostitution. Emmi describe the three parts of the ministry: prevention, intervention and restoration. The team went back into the Red Light District that night, ministering in particular to two girls working as prostitutes and to a bar owner.

Zion Cafe Thailand

On Wednesday morning, we met with Hope for Tribes, “a ministry equipping university students with the tools needed to go and make disciples among their own tribe and to and to share that love with the world around them.” We spent time with several of the university students, as well as the ministry leaders, encouraging them, visiting community members, playing games, eating lunch, praying and worshipping.

HopeforTribes Thailand

Then we visited a new church, meeting inside with their leaders, worshipping together and praying for the church. Afterwards, the team went to a giant dam, seeing Thailand and learning more about the country.




We then visited the home of a pastor we worked with during the day. They’ve taken in 7 kids and have a couple kids of their own. It was a wonderful time teaching, learning, encouraging and worshipping.

Thailand Pastor Home

Thai2016_0076 Home



Thursday is a big adventure day for the team, including elephant riding and a bamboo raft trip down a river in the jungle. Thursday night, we’ll visit another church, going early to talk with people in the community, then to share testimonies and perform our drama.

Culture in Thailand is very relationship based, and God is providing fantastic opportunities for the team to build relationships with the people in Thailand. Please keep praying for us to:

  • Include God in everything, letting Him lead us
  • Do everything in God’s strength, grace, energy and power
  • Truly trust God in our ministry work and for wisdom
  • Remain sensitive to God’s voice
  • Experience powerful quiet times with the Lord as well as team times of prayer, worship and discussion
  • Travel safely

On Friday, the team will leave Chiang Mai and head to Prau, about two hours away.