Rescuing Girls from the Red Light District

Strategic Partnership

Teams spend several days in the “Red Light District” of Chiang Mai where they partner with a ministry that rescues women trapped in prostitution. Many of these ladies ended up there because of either poverty or trafficking. Their pimps work hard to keep them bound up in this lifestyle so immense courage is needed to get out. Before they can even imagine trying, they first need HOPE, and that’s where our teams come in!

RIM teams build relationships with the ladies when they are not working and begin to introduce them to Jesus, the only one who can forgive their past and create hope for their future. We don’t actually rescue these ladies, but we lay the groundwork. Eventually, when they are ready, our partner ministry knows how to get them out. They also provide lodging, training and resources so that these precious women can receive discipleship and learn job skills to create new lives.