The Children Came Running…

Guatemala Medical Mission Trip

Mobile Medical Clinic Day #1

Greetings from Guatemala!

Our first day of Medical Mission was a HUGE success.  When we arrived to our first small village, we only had 15 people waiting to be seen.  After getting ourselves set up and organized, Mario and I, with our contact for the village, went out to find people to let them know of our clinic.

At first, we had little success…until we found a school full of kids! We spoke with the Director of the school and his Teaches and they agreed to allow the kids to be seen by our Physicians and Nurses. Within minutes, we had nearly 160 kids following us to the clinic.

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We decided it wouldn’t be a good idea to send all the kids home with vitamins and/or other medication without having their Mom or Dad present to hear instructions. So, we evaluated all the kids. If we had an concern with any of them, we spoke with their Teacher asking them to encourage the child’s parents to return in the afternoon for further evaluation and medication.


Having all the kids at the clinic turned out to be a success as a large number of them returned in the afternoon with their parents who also sought medical care.


What started as a slow day ended with us having seen more than 300 people.


Many of the locals, although having had unpleasant experiences in the past with Medical Teams, were smiling when they left our clinic.

God is so GOOD!

Blessings from Guatemala,

Team Guatemala 2015