Why I Finally Went on a Mission Trip…

Guatemala 2-week team – Matthew Mastronardi

A moment that really touched my heart this trip was at a private school where I met a 16 year old boy named Harvey. I was praying over a large group when him and I made eye contact and God was telling me I needed to speak individually with him. In the group, he was one of few who chose to accept Christ, and yet I still felt God telling me to talk with him.


I pulled him aside and we began to talk. I could tell he was going through hard times, and I asked him if someone close to him had recently passed. Harvey, who was already in an emotional state, immediately started to cry, and floodgates really broke loose as I started to give him a hug.

He began to explain how his Grandpa had passed not too long ago and he was still grieving. Together we began to pray for healing and peace, and I simply just gave my condolences. In the end, Harvey accepted Christ and found comfort from a much needed hug.

What made it all more amazing was that our group never planned to go to that school. We only ended up there because another school canceled at the last minute. This experienced allowed me to see that God had a plan all along. He will change everything to make sure that His purposes come to pass!


Matt is a bilingual college student from Washington State who ended up on this mission trip because he’s had friends go on RIM trips the past two years. He advises prospective  missionaries to consider RIM because it is “an awesome time spreading the love of Jesus that is fun, hard, spiritual and full of growth.”

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