Why They Worship Trees…


Wednesday July 16th:

We had a powerful day sharing English today at the local high school.  During the morning assembly, the students gather together and sing their national anthem then the turn to the oldest tree on campus and say a prayer to it in their Buddhist tradition. Immediately following this our team did our drama and then preached the gospel.  We then sang a praise song.  It works out that one of the teachers in the English department is actually a missionary from the Philippines so she allowed students to share their testimonies in her class.  In one class, our team members even prayed for students and one girls burst into tears.  It was a powerful day for God at the campus and we believe seeds were planted.  The Home of Blessing girls commented that students had been asking about the gospel and the missionary teacher said she overheard two teachers discussing it! We finished the day up with our group time with the girls.  They are amazing and we love them so much!


Thursday July 17th:

Today we started our first day of primary school English.  It was an adventure for sure! We started out with our drama and sharing the gospel.  We taught the kids some Christian songs and told them how much Jesus loves children.  They are all so precious.  We then went to the market and headed back to home of blessing to have a giant dance party with the girls.  We had a great activity where we made a bonding bracelet as a group and then prayed for each other.  We then started dancing and didn’t stop until we played “Hosanna” and we all worshipped God together. Tomorrow we will go into a village on the Laos border with ten of the girls as a big team activity.  We are all excited!


Friday July 18th:

We finished up the primary school this morning.  We all had a fun and smooth day working and playing with these kids.  They fed us lunch and then we were off to pack for our village trip.  We packed up and headed out.  The ride took longer because of heavy rain and bad roads.  We arrived wet, cold, ready for dinner, but in good spirits! We then checked in to the hotel, met together, and prayed for our adventures tomorrow before bed.


Saturday July 19th:

Today was a powerful day of worship and ministry.  We went into a Hmong village and ministered to them and then passed out tracts in the city.  We arrived early for a kid’s camp that was awesome, thanks mostly to the incredible gifts and talents of our Thai friends.  We all played games, sang songs, and shared the good news of Jesus Christ. We then walked around the village and prayed for one elderly woman who needed healing in her body.  After that, we headed into town with tracts.  We proclaimed the good news that God loves the people of Thailand as we gave out the tracts.  After dinner, we headed back out to the village where we performed the drama, gave testimonies, and prayed for the sick and others. It was awesome!


Sunday, July 20th

We left the Laos border bright and early to make it back in time for church! We arrived at 9:30 and started the service at 10:00. We shared song, testimonies, and the Word of God.  After that we prepared notes for our Thai friends, as tonight was our last night with them.  We felt heavy-hearted to be leaving them! We had a special dinner where we got to share some words of encouragement to them and exchanged gifts and notes.  It was a lovely time of God’s love and friendship.


Monday July 21st:

We rode to school with the girls this morning and many tears were shed as we said good bye.  We have many mixed feelings leaving them but starting our new adventure here in Chiang Mai.  We then packed and caught the bus to Chiang Mai.  After a long and windy journey through the mountains, we arrived this evening.  We ate dinner and then met with a local pastor to hear about this area and some of the things he is doing.  It was inspiring hearing from him and his wife.  We then went to bed and will enjoy our first late morning since we arrived! Yay for sleep!


Tuesday, July 22: 

We woke up feeling well rested and started the day with our very own worship service on the roof of our guest house.  It was a powerful time of sharing and refueling for the rest of our trip.  We then headed out for lunch and Chiang Mai orientation.  Chiang Mai can be a heavy experience spiritually.  It is a dark place where much evil exists.  We went to Zion Café to hear about their ministry to the Red Light District and the slums of Chiang Mai and learned how we can be a part.  Then, we went to the Center, a place where English is taught along with the gospel near Chiang Mai University, and learned about their plans for us this week.  After, we went to a house church and worshiped, shared our drama and the Word of God. We prayed over the members and had a powerful time.  After some roof top prayer chatting, we are ready to start the day early tomorrow.


Wednesday, July 23rd

This morning was filled with lots of deep prayer.  First, we traveled up to one of the biggest and most visited temples in Chiang Mai.  As we visited the temple, we didn’t do so as tourists, but as prayer warriors.  Afterwards, we traveled to the red light district for prayer walking in the earlier part of the day, setting things in the right direction for those who will be ministering to girls and ladyboys in the bars later at night. Next, we went to the Centre and cooked a big spaghetti dinner for about 50 people.  We also shared testimonies of what God has done in our lives, and played games together.  Many of the people who were present were university students who are Buddhist, and go to the Centre for English lessons.  It was a powerful and fun night.  Today was a great day with God!