Working in the Red Light District

Chiang Mai, Thailand – July 10th, 2015

On Friday afternoon, we met with Emmi, a Thai woman who is the leader of Lighthouse in Action ministries. She spent valuable time with the team, helping us to understand ministry in the Red Light District. We visited a Christian children’s home, dancing, playing games and sharing the love of God, the good news of Christ, praying with all the kids at the end and taking pictures.



Chiang Mai, Thailand – July 11th, 2015

Saturday afternoon, the team divided into three groups and prayer walked around the Red Light District. At a glance, one might not realize the high level of prostitution in this area, although it’s a bit more evident at night. We visited and shared God’s love with some people working in the bars, as well as with an interesting guy from Australia.

We also joined in a Saturday night and Sunday morning revival worship service at a local church, performing our drama, singing songs, sharing testimonies and praying for people.

After the Saturday night worship service, some of the team went to the Red Light District for ministry, while some of the team stayed back at our “base” for prayer time, as we doin’t take ministry in the Red Light District lightly. We had chances to talk, sometimes very in-depth, with a few girls working in the bars, encouraging them, not judging them, and sharing God’s love with them. Afterwards, the team reunited and shared stories of what had happened on all ends. It was a powerful and successful night.


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