Medical Mission Trips 2016

MOBILE MEDICAL CLINICS – Mending bodies while Jesus heals hearts… Millions of people around the world live in Medical_2abject poverty without access to basic medical care. The need is overwhelming, but YOU can make a difference! Each year, RIM partners with American churches (VIDEO) to sponsor the medicines used during our clinics and recruits individuals like you to join us as a member of our medical teams.

RIM’s medical teams have a long history of tangibly caring for those who can’t care for themselves. As the need arises, we also travel on a moment’s notice to respond to natural disasters around the world! Join us as a doctor, dentist, nurse, health care professional, medical student, or a servant-minded team member. Help bring both physical and spiritual healing to the hurting and broken as we embark on this journey together. Honduras 2010

8-Day Trip Schedule

  • Day 1 – Travel day/Meet team
  • Days 2-6 – Treat 1200+ patients at mobile medical clinics in both cities and villages, pray for them and share Christ before and after they receive treatment
  • Day 7 – Explore the country you’re visiting during an adventure day! You might hike a volcano, hold a monkey, swim in the ocean or zip-line through the jungle!!
  • Day 8 – Travel home and share stories of what God has done

Guatemala 2016

We’ll partner with missionaries and pastors who have invested their entire lives building relationships with Guatemalan communities to further the Gospel. Our clinics will be in several different locations, both urban and rural. Our doctors and nurses will treat infections, set bones, do surgery and more. Non-medical missionaries will take vitals, help in the pharmacy and pray with patients. Everything we do will bolster the presence of the local church and school the long-term missionaries run and will expand the number of people they are able to reach with the Gospel!

South America 2016

It’s too early to “officially” schedule this trip, but we’re targeting Iquitos, Peru during Thanksgiving week (dates and location subject to change). IF everything works out, we plan to have 2 days of clinics in city jails where most prisoners are not hardened criminals. Rather, they’re moms and dads who may have stolen to provide for their families or because they couldn’t pay their bills. These prisoners have no hope, are separated from their families, and have zero access to medical care. Some mothers even have their babies in jail with them! In addition, we’ll have a day or two of clinics in impoverished areas of the city and another day or two in rural jungle villages. Did we mention that we’ll have to ride a boat up the Amazon River to access these villages and that you might get to stop and hold a monkey along the way??

 “Humbling, thrilling, emotional, and 100% worth it!”  Leslie, El Salvador ‘14
“A life changing, challenging, but rewarding experience. Your perspective on life will be forever changed.”  Sam, Thailand ‘14

2016 Mobile Medical Clinics

July 16-24 (8 days) - $1,895GuatemalaAPPLY
November 19-27 (8 days) - $2,295South AmericaAPPLY
*Price of Guatemala trip includes international airfare from Dallas-Fort Worth
**Price of South America trip includes international airfare