English Camp in Phitsanulok


The opening chapter of our journey takes place in the historic city of Phitsanulok. One of the oldest cities in Thailand, founded more than 600 years ago, Phitsanulok served as the country’s capital for 25 years. Now, it is still a strategic crossroads both politically and economically.



Thai culture abounds here as the city is know for both its art and literature. Dragon boat racing is common as well as football (soccer) and Thai boxing. Temples and a deep Buddhist heritage are also present.


Since their arrival, our team has prayer walked throughout the area. They also traveled to a nearby village where they partnered with a local church to host a two-day English camp.


In addition, they partnered with Compassion International and got to see the behind-the-scenes ministry to the children who are sponsored through their programs.


So far, the team is enjoying their time, very excited about how the Lord is moving, and looking forward to the next few days here!