Fishing at the Tea Farm

Doi Wawee, Thailand – July 19th

Thailand Mission Trip, DoiWawee_TeaFarm

Tuesday morning we walked to the tea farm of Um’s family, about a thirty minute walk, every step of the way surrounded by the incredible beauty of the mountains. God is amazing!!!!

Thailand Mission Trip, DoiWawee_TeaFarm_FishingLunch Thailand Mission Trip, DoiWawee_TeaFarm_FishingLunch

We fished for lunch, and pulled weeds from around young tea trees. It was a fun community effort for the 13 of us. We enjoyed a great lunch in the covered area at the farm, and then we took a rest before going back to work.

Thailand Misison Trip, DoiWawee_TeaFarm

We worked hard, but the day included lots of laughing too! Overall, a fantastic day together. Tonight, we’ll finish with prayer and worship together.

Thailand Mission Trip, DoiWawee_TeaFarm

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support!