Fortitude & Tenacity

Our Project Directors are SO proud of our Guatemala team!! When we woke up Monday morning, several people felt really tired, a little run down/sick, an upset stomach, a cold… We really pushed ourselves last week and the fatigue is definitely setting in. In addition, we have a team member who experienced some swelling in his leg last week (related to existing health issues, not the trip). His leg had healed, but the doctor wanted him to continue to rest. Needless to say, it would have been easy for the team to throw in the towel and ask for the day off.

Guatemala Mission Trip 2016 School Outreach

However, this team’s fortitude and tenacity are amazing!! No matter what people felt like, our entire team headed out the door for a day of ministry. We prayed for strength and healing on the way and read the Bible out loud on the bus. And you know what? The Lord  met us in that moment!

Guatemala Mission Trip School Outreach

Our first school turned out to be a small primary school, and we started out with a little laugh/smile therapy. We definitely felt a little more cheerful seeing the adorable children! These kids were really young. We told them about the love of Christ and played games and sang with them. What a sweet time!! It filled our souls up, even as we poured into them.

Guatemala Mission Trip Special Needs Children Orphanage

We then headed off to the next school. It was for children with special needs. These children are very often overlooked in the developing world with little to no opportunities for education. An Argentinian missionary runs the school. She was called to come here for that purpose by God! Praise God for obedient servants!!

Guatemala Mission Trip Special Needs Children Orphanage

We performed for the children and played with them, but mostly just showed them love. Two of our girls prayed and sang over a girl who was completely unable to talk or move. They held her in their arms as they did it. It was a beautiful sight!

Guatemala Mission Trip Special Needs Children Orphanage

Later, we had lunch, tended to the team members who still felt a little under the weather, and mentally prepared for the next school, a high school.


There, we learned how the work of our ministry partners and previous RIM teams paved the way for our team to share the Gospel. The biblical idea of planting, watering and harvesting really came alive to us, and we were the ones appointed for the harvest. (You can read the whole story: Desperation Opens Doors.) 


Also, the sickest member of our team was completely healed while performing the drama! What an encouragement from the Lord!! Our missionaries never complained at all, even when they didn’t feel their best. It was such a display of being made strong with the strength of Christ.

Guatemala Mission Trip 2016 School Outreach

Our last school for the day was another primary school, high up in the mountains. We shared and went into classrooms to talk with the students. One entire classroom enthusiastically gave their lives to Christ. Many others invited Jesus into their hearts. Despite the difficult beginning, we saw God work in this day, in these students, and in our own healing. During team time, we thanked God for all of the blessings of  the day. We ended with praise and worship, but didn’t go too long because everyone needed some quality sleep!

Guatemala Mission Trip 2016 School Outreach

We’re believing for a healthy team for the rest of the trip. Please join us in prayer for health for our team, continued unity, and that as we approach the end of this journey we stay present in the moment (not distracted about going home). Also, please lift up all the students we have left to reach!!