Outreach in Guatemalan Schools

During RIM’s two week trip, teams focus on evangelistic outreach in public high schools. They present drama, testimonies and the Gospel in large assemblies, and then they break up into ministry groups or classrooms to connect with students individually. Most of the conversions we see happen in small group or one-on-one settings, with translators. It’s really important to us that each person understand the decision that needs to be made in regards to Christ and that they only pray to accept Him when they truly understand the Gospel.

We don’t count numbers of salvation decisions made, but we do collect contact info so local pastors and churches can follow up with new converts. We are amazed and delighted that we’ve seen people accept Christ every day this trip, sometimes several dozen people in the same day. We are so grateful for God’s awesome grace that breaks through even the toughest situations and shines the light of Christ onto hearts, calling them home to Himself!