Outside Church Walls

Ministry story from yesterday:

As we arrived to our last drama presentation, dark clouds started settling. One of the translators asked our pastor contact if we could do the drama in the church that we passed driving into the neighborhood – to avoid the rain. The pastor said no, that the people gathering around outside would not go inside a church. So we performed outside.



One of our teammates shared a testimony about experiencing mistreatment from people who called themselves Christians, and how God eventually captured his heart with real love.

Later, the pastor told us more about the neighborhood. The church that we didn’t perform in was known for their legalistic rules, and the nonChristians (who were watching our drama) only associated Christianity with hate.

Our ministry time introduced them to the real God who loves them just as they are and wants a relationship with them. God held off the rain and allowed us to have conversations with people – some who gave their life to Christ for the first time!

And here’s a bonus…

Our team is learning a song with hand motions called Chuchua. It’s a call and response song!