Leaving Thailand, Heading Home


Mission Trip to Mae Sai, Thailand

Wow, today was the team’s final day in Thailand, and the day has been awesome!


We headed to Home of Grace early this morning to start the day. After lots of fun with the kids and breakfast, we walked with the kids to school.  After arriving to the school and walking the kids to their classrooms, the next thing we know, the kids are telling us to wait and talking with their teachers about something.  Come to find out, the teachers were going to be gone to the Buddhist temples today, so our kids were able to have a day off!


Bonus!  We ended up going to a beautiful national park to have a picnic.

(Note from RIM: Dan tried to send pictures of their adventure, but they couldn’t get good enough WiFi in the midst of their transit. Spelunking pictures to come in a future post!)

There ended up being lots of swimming, then came the mega-bonus, there was an extensive cave very close to where we were, so our team and the Home of Grace kids had a pretty extensive caving/spelunking adventure together!  It was incredible!  We helped each other, and prayed and sang worship songs in the cave, what a sweet unexpected gift of an adventure from God.


Now, as I (Dan) write this, the team is on a bus to Chiang Rai.  We’ll meet Pastor Sayan and Berm from Home of Blessing and spend the evening with them. Home of Blessing is a couple hours from Chiang Rai.  The two of them will pick us and our baggage from the bus station, and in the morning will take us to the airport and send us off.


Tuesday morning we fly from Chiang Rai to Bangkok, where we’ll spend the day in the airport and fly out about 8pm on Etihad airways, stopping for two short connections in Abu Dhabi, and JFK, and then finally arriving Miami around 3pm on the 29th. There, we’ll be met by RIM Staff who will host us, along with the Guatemala team, for final debrief before we head to our individual homes.

During our time in the Bangkok airport, we’ll have quality team time together as we reflect on what God has done the past few weeks, and prepare to transition back to life in the US. The transition can be challenging mentally, physically and spiritually. Please pray for the team to have a strong debriefing process, led by God, and that we transition well over the next days, weeks and months ahead.


Prachow oi pon (God bless you),

Dan (Thailand Project Director)

The Children Came Running…


Guatemala Medical Mission Trip

Mobile Medical Clinic Day #1

Greetings from Guatemala!

Our first day of Medical Mission was a HUGE success.  When we arrived to our first small village, we only had 15 people waiting to be seen.  After getting ourselves set up and organized, Mario and I, with our contact for the village, went out to find people to let them know of our clinic.

At first, we had little success…until we found a school full of kids! We spoke with the Director of the school and his Teaches and they agreed to allow the kids to be seen by our Physicians and Nurses. Within minutes, we had nearly 160 kids following us to the clinic.

image1 (6)

We decided it wouldn’t be a good idea to send all the kids home with vitamins and/or other medication without having their Mom or Dad present to hear instructions. So, we evaluated all the kids. If we had an concern with any of them, we spoke with their Teacher asking them to encourage the child’s parents to return in the afternoon for further evaluation and medication.


Having all the kids at the clinic turned out to be a success as a large number of them returned in the afternoon with their parents who also sought medical care.


What started as a slow day ended with us having seen more than 300 people.


Many of the locals, although having had unpleasant experiences in the past with Medical Teams, were smiling when they left our clinic.

God is so GOOD!

Blessings from Guatemala,

Team Guatemala 2015

Epic 3-Day Hill Tribes Outreach


Mission Trip to Doi Wawee, Thailand


I (Dan, RIM Project Director) forgot to mention that we had a great visit to a Bible college in Mae Sai a few days ago.  We exchanged dances, testimonies and did our drama.  It was a great time of encouragement and fun in the body of Christ.


Today we finished an incredible weekend at Doi Wawee, a beautiful mountain area inhabited mostly by different “hill tribes”.


Five girls from Home of Blessing joined us for the weekend.  These girls are from Doi Wawee, and have family living there.  We were very lovingly hosted by the family of Um (oom).


Building relationship with Um’s family was a highlight for the team throughout the weekend.


Over the past couple days, we visited Doi Chaang, which has lots of coffee tree farms.  We sampled great coffee, hiked through beautiful mountains, and prayer walked through interesting pagan worship areas.


We also visited a children’s home run by a married couple.  The man is Canadian and the woman is Thai.  It was good talking with them, encouraging them and praying for them, in addition to lots of fun with the kids.


Yesterday afternoon we visited a tea farm of Um’s family.  We learned about tea farming and even picked some tea leaves.


Last night we walked around the village, greeting people and praying for people!


This morning we attended a worship service up in a mountain village.  We did our drama, sang, prayed, and had a great time fellowshipping with the community of believers there.


Afterwards we visited the family of one of the other girls, first going to their home, then to their chicken farm, praying for family and farm.


Throughout the weekend, we had good team time at the home of Um’s family, including the girls from Home of Blessing.  We enjoyed lots of worship time together, devotional time, discussions and prayer.


Even though the time at Doi Wawee was relatively short, it was a rich time of relationship building, and some of the most stunning mountain beauty.


Now we’re heading back up to Mae Sai, where we were last week.


Tonight, we’ll have a grand finale time with the kids at Home of Grace, including a big worship dance party!


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Dance Parties & English Lessons


Mission Trip to Mae Sai, Thailand

Today is Friday, and we left Mae Sai a couple hours ago by bus, and now we’re at the bus station in Chiang Rai about to meet some people to go to a mountain village for the weekend. Here’s some of what happened the last couple days in Mae Sai…

The most northern part of Thailand, very near to the Myanmar (Burma) border...

On Wednesday morning, we started out with the kids at Home of Grace at 6:30am with worship, Bible teaching and prayer.  After we walked with them to school, we visited and prayed for sick and hurting people, some were very extreme cases.

The team along with our host, Rung (on the right), who helps run Home of Grace.  We're visiting and praying with a couple in Mae Sai, in large part for their daughter, who has been unconscious for a few months after a motorcycle accident, and is currently fed through a tube. We're believing she's healed and God will be massively glorified from this testimony.

That afternoon we visited and prayer-walked a huge Buddhist temple overlooking Burma (Myanmar).

The team along with Rung at a huge Buddhist temple in Mae Sai, Thailand, but in the background you see across the border into Burma (Myanmar).

We met up with the kids after school, walked with some of the kids to Chinese school (about half also attend this six days a week in addition to regular Thai school five days a week).  Then we went with the rest of the kids to a park and played. That night at Home of Grace we did our drama, shared testimonies, and had a big dance party.  It was awesome!


On Thursday morning, after prayer and worship time with the kids, we prayer-walked around the streets of Mae Sai.  That afternoon we explored a large market area, finding some snacks and treats for the kids at Home of Grace. We spent some quality time together at a coffee shop, then connected with the kids at Home of Grace for English lessons.  It was a blast.  Those kids are so smart!

Cameron bought necklaces for the girls in this picture at the market.

And that brings us to Friday, today as I write this.  We had a good time with the kids before school this morning, and some good team time together before we left Mae Sai.


Now we’re heading to a mountain village that a few of the girls from Home of Blessing are from, and they’ll be joining us for this weekend’s ministry.  We’ll be staying with a family there, and everyone seems to be very excited about it on all ends.


More to come about the adventures in Christ at the mountain village, Doi WahWe….