Independence Day in Guatemala!


anibalOur dear friends and long-time ministry partners, Anibal and Sonia, recently shared this update with us about their work in Ciudad Quetzal. Our teams partnered with them in this area during 2016 and will continue to focus on this specific region in 2017. So far, we have been able to complete several community development projects for local schools, to share evangelistic presentations in schools and to offer medical clinics to students and their families.

We’ll be returning in 2017 for more evangelism, construction and medicine. Please pray for this area – that God would raise up the younger generation to be sincere followers of Himself, committed to relationship with Jesus, not mere religion and ritual.

Here’s their update:

Dear Friends,

In Guatemala we recently celebrated the Independence Day. In Ciudad Quetzal, while we participated in the parade, I took pictures of the teachers who are transforming the lives of their students by teaching eternal principles and values based on the Bible. Ciudad Quetzal teachers are teaching the Bible to their students. We are certain that we will soon see the results that the Word of God produces in each person.

I invite you to watch and share this video with your friends, and remember that “God’s Word does not return void”.

Pray that the first to be impacted by the Bible will be the teachers, remember, that the teachers are nonbelievers and they are reading and teaching the Explorers of the Bible material with the children. It sounds crazy, but if anyone wants to see it in person I invite you to visit the schools in Ciudad Quetzal.

Thank you for supporting our ministry.

Anibal and Sonia Duarte
City Transformation
Cru Guatemala

Restoring Vision thru Medical Missions


Cuidad Quetzal, Guatemala – Mobile Medical Clinics

In a typical week, our doctors and team members treat about 1200 patients, averaging around 200-250 per day. Yesterday, they set a new record, treating 339 PATIENTS in just one day!! Watch the slideshow below to see our team in action then scroll down for an amazing story…

Here’s our favorite story: In addition to surgery and medical treatment, we also partner with Restoring Vision to provide free eye glasses to those who have never seen an eye doctor. Yesterday, we met this woman who works as a seamstress and makes Amerindian dresses (like the one she herself is wearing in the cover photo below) in order to earn a living. In recent months, her eyesight grew so poor that she could no longer see the stitches she needed to make, and she had to give up her job – the only income she had for her family.

Medical Missions, Guatemala, Restoring Vision

When she arrived at our clinic, we performed a few quick tests and realized that we could help! Within minutes, this dear woman had on her first pair of glasses and she could see again!! It’s hard to capture the moment in words as she realized that she could go back to work and not have to worry about where her next meal would come from or how she could pay her bills. She kept saying ‘thank you’ over and over again, and our team members felt humbled and amazed that such a small thing could make such a life-changing impact! #ministrythatmatters

Love the stories and want to get involved? This November, Real Impact Missions is heading to Peru for a week of mobile medical clinics during the Thanksgiving Holiday. We take both medical and non-medical personnel, and you can join us! Learn more…

Saving Lives in Ciudad Quetzal


Our Guatemala medical team members have recently joined our one month team…

Guatemala Medical Mission Trip

After months of anticipation, our week of mobile medical clinics has begun!!

Guatemala Medical Mission Trip

On the very first day, we treated 280 patients!! In addition, we provided 164 people with glasses for the very first time in their lives.

Guatemala Medical Mission Trip Guatemala Medical Mission Trip

We are working in an area called Ciudad Quetzal, the same region where our evangelism team has shared Christ in school over the past few weeks. On day one, our doctors performed a few minor surgeries…

Guatemala Medical Mission Trip Guatemala Medical Mission Trip Guatemala Medical Mission Trip

…and our team treated many people with high blood pressure, a lot of children with fevers, and one woman with dangerously high blood sugar. We literally saved her life!

Guatemala Medical Mission Trip

Guatemala Medical Mission Trip

Each person we treat also receives prayer ministry from the team and an opportunity to hear the Gospel.

Guatemala Medical Mission Trip

In addition, our medical team was delighted to hear from our one month team that THREE of our translators got saved last week. After helping translate the Gospel message for our evangelism teams over and over again, the message finally hit home to them.

Guatemala Medical Mission Trip

What a delight to see them surrender their lives to Christ! We really look forward to pouring into them and discipling them as they continue to serve with our teams for the medical clinics this week and community development projects next week. Our God is awesome indeed!

Guatemala Medical Mission Trip

Fishing at the Tea Farm


Doi Wawee, Thailand – July 19th

Thailand Mission Trip, DoiWawee_TeaFarm

Tuesday morning we walked to the tea farm of Um’s family, about a thirty minute walk, every step of the way surrounded by the incredible beauty of the mountains. God is amazing!!!!

Thailand Mission Trip, DoiWawee_TeaFarm_FishingLunch Thailand Mission Trip, DoiWawee_TeaFarm_FishingLunch

We fished for lunch, and pulled weeds from around young tea trees. It was a fun community effort for the 13 of us. We enjoyed a great lunch in the covered area at the farm, and then we took a rest before going back to work.

Thailand Misison Trip, DoiWawee_TeaFarm

We worked hard, but the day included lots of laughing too! Overall, a fantastic day together. Tonight, we’ll finish with prayer and worship together.

Thailand Mission Trip, DoiWawee_TeaFarm

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support!

Cooking in Doi Wawee


Chiang Rai & Doi Wawee, Thailand – July 18th

Thailand Mission Trip, Doi Wawee, Tea Farm

On Monday, the team drove to Chiang Rai, about 2.5 hours away. We met with Rung, a Thai woman who runs a children’s home about an hour north that RIM teams have worked with the past two years. Also with Rung were of few of her friends. All of them work with the children in north Thailand. We had lunch and prayed together.

Later in the evening, the team picked up Um and Wan from Chiang Rai airport. These are the same two Thai girls that the team met in Bangkok when we first arrived in Thailand. Both of them are alumni of Home of Blessing in Chiang Kham, which we be the team’s final stop, our last week in Thailand.

Thailand Mission Trip, Doi Wawee, Tea Farm

Afterwards, the team headed up into the mountains to Doi Wawee, to the house of Um’s family (they’re of the Akha tribe). There are three girls in the family, all are alumni at Home of Blessing. The team will partner with the family in ministry and encourage the family.

Thailand Mission Trip, Doi Wawee, Tea Farm

Upon arriving, they welcomed us warmly, and we enjoyed a great home cooked meal together. The food up in the mountains in this Akha village is different than the Thai food we’ve eaten thus far… everything is so incredibly fresh, we only use chopsticks, and everyone shares from bowls together. Wonderful!