Teaching in Uganda

Today was a really great day at the school! We love the Mulonde family (the pastor), especially their sweet sweet Kiddos. We got to have another great day of staff development for the teachers while the rest of our girls hosted English camp, playing games, singing lots of songs, and even continuing where teachers left off in their lessons.

Uganda team


After a lunch of beans and rice (yum!), we returned to the school to begin a work project painting the school’s entrance/office. We got all of the priming done, which was a miracle with all of our sweet little helpers so close by, watching our every move and amazed at the white paint we were applying to their walls. All the teachers could say was “wow!” We know this is a HUGE project in their eyes and gives a lot of clout for the school in this community, so it is an exciting task for us as a team to undertake!

Real Impact Missions Uganda


The girls are troopers! We have often had to change our expectations, and all the travel/different environment had been rough on our stomachs. Please join us in praying for health and strength and hearts dependent on Christ for all of our needs. We are having a blast, but it definitely isn’t an easy trip, and we covet your partnership in prayer for strength in our efforts. Love all of you to Entebbe and back and around the world twice! ❤️#teamUganda

Prayer in Uganda
This young man gave his life to Christ!

…we don’t have internet, but will try to get new pictures to you in the next day or so